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People are trying to rationalize the reasons behind the world’s economic challenges.  To Macrosoft, the solution is simple.  Provide a more efficient time system, and we can become a more efficient company.  As more companies follow suit, we’ll become a more efficient country.  Which is why Macrosoft has decided to adopt the Metric Time system.

A “Metric Day” is comprised of 10 Decidays (formerly hours) that each has 100 Millidays (formerly minutes).  This time system, developed two hundred years ago, was never forgotten for its simplicity and efficiency.  This conversion has been attempted before in various parts of the world, but none have committed to this practice as much as Macrosoft.

The fact that Macrosoft conducts business internationally and operates several offices and projects around the globe also plays a large factor in this decision to convert to Metric Time.  When you approach technology on the global level like we do, everyone needs to be on the same page. We’ve decided to eliminate confusion and create a gigantic opportunity for our company and the business world as a whole.

It is most exciting to see is how this new streamlined approach to time management affects business and technology on a global scale. Macrosoft has made their mark in the technology industry as an innovator in the realm of solutions, and expects nothing but the best from this new change.

In the backwards world of slooF lirpA, Metric Time’s benefits are more apparent than ever.

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