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January 10, 2012
Macrosoft Launches Variable Data Printing Product

Web2Print On Demand Streamlines Corporate Communications

Parsippany, NJ – January 10, 2012 Macrosoft announced the launch of its Web2Print On Demand software, a web based solution that allows enterprise users to easily create customized customer communications with vivid, full color images and sharp text that produce results. Web2Print On Demand’s simplicity of use and streamlined process save businesses both time and money, while driving the right documents to the right customers. Web2Print On Demand (Web2PrintOnDemand.com) is a document automation tool that combines technology and business logic, enabling users to create a wide variety of customized, demographically segmented communications. As an added benefit, Macrosoft partners directly with printing services to develop customized interfaces from their printers to the Web2Print On Demand application, creating a seamless process from start to finish.

Web2Print On Demand meets the printing needs of our many corporate clients due to its highly customizable content, the variety of documents it can create, and its easy to use interface. Our customers have seen dramatic improvements in the quality and consistency of their communications, while realizing significant cost savings,” reports Macrosoft's G.N. Shah, Vice President for Enterprise Applications.

Macrosoft representatives would be happy to discuss how Web2Print On Demand’s cost effective, easy to use service can benefit your business by driving down costs, reducing document creation turn-around time, and increasing marketing results. Email Macrosoft to request a demonstration of how Web2Print On Demand will improve your business communications.

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