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Resources on Demand

Electric Utility Software

rod Web-Enabled Emergency Resource Management for Utility Companies

Specifically designed for electric utilities, Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand (RoD) is a network-based, multi-user tool that manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements, and supports logistics during a large-scale restoration event.

RoD replaces existing workarounds, manual processing, and spreadsheets with a single, central database to ensure consistent and accurate data entry and retrieval by concurrent users. The database captures all activity within historical tables that are available for all post storm debriefings, reviews and discussions.


Macrosoft Resources on-Demand can help power and electric utility companies proactively address emergency events and realize multiple benefits, including:

  • More efficient management of resource requests and more accurate
    tracking of personnel movement during emergency outages
  • A single, central database that replaces cumbersome workarounds,
    manual processes, and spreadsheets
  • Consistent and accurate data entry and retrieval by concurrent users
  • A streamlined resource assignment process
  • The ability to leverage historical information on the movement
    of resource teams
  • Enhanced emergency management reporting

Macrosoft Resources on-Demand enables storm-centers to:

  • Manage Single or Multiple Events
  • Define a Multi-Tier Regional Hierarchy
  • Establish Permanent and Temp. Staging Areas
    and Details (Water,Ice,Fuel,etc.)
  • Track System-wide Requests for Resources on a Single Dashboard
  • Import Resource Teams, Team Rosters and Equipment
  • Manage Team Member Information (Roster)
  • Integrate Off-System Teams
  • Assign Resource Teams to Locations
  • Update, Re-assign, Split or Modify Team Composition as well as
    Equipment Assignments on a single Team Management Control Panel
  • Create and Assign Lodging (Integrated with Team Assignments)
  • Generate Real-Time, Point-in-Time, and Historical Reports
  • Provide an Executive Dashboard
  • Configure User Roles and Regional Associations


Resources On Demand Version 3.0

New Features

  • Team Management Dashboard
    (split, merge, configure new/existing teams/crews)
  • Configurable Resource-Type (Storm Roles) Hierarchy
  • New & Enhanced Lodging Capabilities
    (using single/double room counts)
  • Import Vehicle & Equipment Repository
  • New data-elements on the Resource Request screen
    o Column to track “on-site” versus “in-transit”
    o Column to track sub-total vs. grand-total resource-types
  • New Team & Team-Member Search Capabilities
  • On-line Help

External System Integration

  • ARCOS - Real-time Integration with ARCOS Callouts
  • Web Services - Ability to Integrate with External Systems
    via SOA

Configurable Settings
Admin Configurable

  • Number of rows displayed per page for various screens
  • Create external links within ROD (to intranet apps)
  • Ability to link to specific screens on ROD from external
    apps for seamless integration with intranet sites

User Configurable

  • Ability to pick selected resource-types to be displayed
    on Resource Management Dashboard (user-configurable)
    Major Usability Enhancements
  • Increased ability to modify/edit the regional hierarchy
    & change regional boundaries
  • Bulk Updates - Assign/release teams in batch
  • Improved, intuitive & user-friendly Graphical
    User-Interface (GUI)
  • Automatic synchronization of counts on Resource Dashboard
    to team-roster values
  • Dropdown menus on Roster Template
  • Improved date/time calendar-control
  • Ability to auto-populate some Team Attributes from a pick
    list (company, company-contact, company-contact-phone)
  • AJAX lookups for easy data-selection/entry
  • Creation of Person-to-Vehicle Associations
  • Simplified lodging filters
  • Auto-release of lodging when team released


  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Newer version of FarPoint Grid
    (intuitive spreadsheet-like 3rd Party web-control)

Macrosoft's Resources on-Demand system is a powerful, cost-effective tool for handling the management of emergency situations faced by the utility industry.


To discuss your Resources on Demand Requirements please contact:

Jason Singer
973-889-0500 x263