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Wi-Fi Wipe-Down: Cleaning the Internet of Useless Bit & Bytes

After an exhaustive analysis, Macrosoft’s professional research team has concluded the internet is slowing down at an exponential rate due to the rise of social media’s bit proliferation clogging the digital pathways. If this problem is not addressed the internet could freeze.

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2012 April 1 Message


2011 April 1 Message

Macrosoft Introduces Gravitrack

Macrosoft Introduces Gravitrack

Share this video and help spread awareness about gravitational depletion. Together, we can reduce our graviprint.

Macrosoft Converts to Metric Time

Macrosoft Converts to Metric Time

In order to keep with the global issue of sloof lirpa, Macrosoft has decided to convert its business and applications to Metric Time. The system of time keeping

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