Macrosoft Inc. prides itself on its team oriented,multi-ethnic family atmosphere. Whether it's through our family picnics, holiday parties or other company gatherings,Macrosoft makes it a point to make all our employees feel like they are part of one big family.

Our company provides the necessary training and support from co-workers and executives to keep our employees up to date on the most recent technologies while offering career development and advancement opportunities. Macrosoft's client base is in a variety of disciplines allowing employees to develop diversified work experience in their projects while establishing long term client relationships.

All these things have contributed to our company's very low rate of attrition over the years and has helped us attract candidates from top schools all over the world. At Macrosoft Inc, we realize that we can be only as successful as the people we employ so we are always looking for new talent to join our growing family.

  • Staff Augmentation: Extended staff for specific technical support requirements with qualified experts in virtually all technology languages, programs and systems.
  • Managed Teams: A group of interdependent technology experts both on and off-shore working together to deliver a specific business oriented result.
  • Turnkey Solutions: New systems developed, tested, documented and implemented end-to-end technology solutions for all business needs.
  • Packaged Products : Tested technology products that have been implemented at multiple clients and are quickly installed behind client firewalls.