Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

Today, businesses are looking for software applications that deliver better connectivity, reliability, and real-time customization. As such, Macrosoft’s Application Development practice combines a strong business domain knowledge, with the latest technological skills, to deliver next-generation applications. Our Agile methodology ensures shorter development life cycles and faster project completion.

At Macrosoft, our experienced software developers work around the clock providing complete solutions for multifaceted business requirements. Thereby, we offer solutions that simplify the development process, thereby improving business performance.

Macrosoft Voice and Chat app development services
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The future of consumer interactions revels in the development of voice and chat integrated experiences.

Voice & Chat Apps

Conversational AI, Voice and Chatbot experiences are currently automating customer-facing touch-points to resolve problems, address concerns and reach expectations. Ingenuity of a bot depends on the sophistication of the artificial intelligence you employ on the back-end. Hence, Macrosoft’s conversational AI practice organizations can automate and streamline activities, improve enterprise productivity, and boost employee and customer engagement.

Macrosoft’s expert AI team is well versed in Chatbot development. We continuously train our bots to improve conversational capabilities. Our AI-powered bots are skilled in communicating through various digital media, social and messenger platforms, organizational apps and websites, and intelligent virtual assistants. AI-powered chatbots enrich customer experiences by creating conversational engagement and reduce the operational costs involved in your business.

Web Design & Development

Websites are one of the most important components of a company’s marketing strategy. Thereby, Website design have progressed from just building a site to a keen focus on digital marketing goals. Customers are making decisions based on a site’s user experience, appearance, usability and accessibility. Macrosoft works closely with clients to create outstanding, secure, custom websites with unique and professional web designs.

Macrosoft web team focuses on three important factors when creating a website: usability, functionality and visualization. Emerging technologies like HTML5, responsive design, and Liquid templates form the foundation of all our web design projects. We offer website maintenance, including website content updates, redesigning landing pages, search engine optimization, hosting plan analysis and more.

Macrosoft web application development services
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