For thousands of years humans have communicated by the spoken word. It is only been in the recent past that we’ve become reliant upon email text and other written communication. Macrosoft has come to the realization that a vast amount of communication is happening by the spoken word within your business but that is not being leveraged effectively to improve your operations. As such, Macrosoft has become a certified partner with CallMiner Eureka. This partnership equips us to work with clients, transforming the spoken word into actionable data elements that can be mined for your business.

Macrosoft is a certified strategic partner with CallMiner Eureka. The focus of this collaboration is to utilize Speech Analytics for Customer Engagement Optimization.

John Kullmann’s interview on CallMiner with Morris County Chamber of Commerce

Macrosoft using the CallMiner Eureka suite of utilities to work with Call Centers to create:

  • Smarter Agents
  • Faster Resolution
  • Happier Customers
Initial areas of Call Center optimization include:
  • Acoustic Measurements – Percent Silence, Agitation, Duration
  • Call Dispositioning – Scoring Call Content verses Call Reason?
  • Leverage Pre-Built Content – Identifying drivers for Dissatisfaction, Transfer or Churn. 
  • Agent Behaviors – Identify behaviors for both Top & Poor Performers.
  • Disclosure Statement – Confirming Disclosure Statements Compliance.
  • Automating Agent Quality – Scoring Based on the Quality Formula.

Using CallMiner Eureka, Macrosoft identifies key behaviors of both agents and customers
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Empathy
  • Escalation
  • Hold Language
  • Ownership
  • Payment Language
  • Politeness
  • Profanity
  • Transfer Language

Within Customer Service we Guide Clients to find
  • Churn Language
  • Compliments
  • Repeat Contact

Within Sales Conversations CallMiner Eureka Helps
  • Assumptive Close
  • Objections
  • Touting Benefits
  • Upsell/Cross-Sell

These elements derived from your conversations are assembled into actionable Metrics including
  • Agitation (Audio Stress + Tempo)
  • Contact Duration
  • Long Silence
  • Percent Silence
  • Tempo
  • Word Count

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