Researchers believe humans started talking to each other more than 2 million years ago whereas the written word is only 5000 years old. Business are now coming to the realization that a vast amount of communication is happening by the spoken word but that is not being categorized and analysed effectively to improve your operations. As such, Macrosoft a certified partner with CallMiner Eureka working with clients, transforming the spoken word into actionable data elements that can be mined for your business intelligence.

Macrosoft is a certified strategic partner with CallMiner Eureka. The focus of this collaboration is to utilize Speech Analytics for Customer Engagement Optimization.  Beyond just speech analytics, this service is expanding into Omni-Communications where all communications in every form is brought together to form a customer Journey Map.

John Kullmann’s interview on CallMiner with Morris County Chamber of Commerce

Macrosoft using the CallMiner Eureka suite of utilities to work with Call Centers to create:

  • Smarter Agents – Able to respond faster and more completely to sales and support situations.
  • Faster Resolution – Identifying client required data to be made available to solve known situations.
  • Happier Customers – Having timely answers to client needs ensures builds lasting relationships.
When working with client’s the first step is to find the low hanging fruit that can quickly improve operations producing a fast ROI.  Initial areas of Call Center optimization include:
  • Acoustic Measurements – Not what was said, but the auditory elements such as Percent Silence, Agitation, and Duration.
  • Call Dispositioning – A categorization that details the outcome of a call providing management valuable intelligence. Scoring Call Content Verses Call Reason.
  • Leverage Pre-Built Content – Using transfer learning apply identified categorization from two trillion hours of recording to your data set including Dissatisfaction, Transfer and Churn. 
  • Agent Behaviors – Identify action of both your Top and Poor Performers to identify what should be replicated throughout the team.
  • Disclosure Statement – Ensuring complete disclosure statements or mini-Miranda compliance.
  • Automating Agent Quality – Implementing your manual scoring quality formula to the automated process

Using CallMiner Eureka, Macrosoft identifies key the behaviors of both agents and customers presenting them in an easy to use initiative interface allowing drilldown from a color coded configurable dashboard.
  • Churn Language likelihood that a client will leave for a competitor.
  • Dissatisfaction resulting from falling short of client expectations
  • Empathy the agent’s ability to understand and share the feelings of clients.
  • Escalation a desire to speak to someone who can solve issues.
  • Payment Language determining if the client is likely to make the payments
  • Politeness agent’s good manners and respect for the client feelings.

Based on the type of conversation, such as Customer Service or Sales Macrosoft KPI dashboards guides clients to identify
Customer ServiceSales Conversations CallMiner Eureka Helps
Churn Language
Repeat Contact
Assumptive Close
Touting Benefits
Upsell / Cross-Sell

Each of these elements derived from your conversations are assembled into actionable metrics at both the business level down to the individual agent team level including

  • Agitation – identified by audio stress elements
  • Contact Duration – anomalies in call timing based on similar conversations cross agent.
  • Percent Silence – periods of long non-speaking with analysis of what happens just prior to and after the pause.
  • Tempo – Changes from baseline of the first seconds of the call across the conversation.
  • Word Count – duration and completeness of conversations.

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CallMiner Services Brochure

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