Quadient Inspire Services

Macrosoft a Quadient Inspire, Silver Delivery Partner with a team of certified developers both in the US and internationally that is deeply rooted in the CCM world.

CCM (Customer Communication Management)

We are faced with an increasingly connected world, where companies are required to manage customer communications across all media. These include printed documents & statements, web pages, email, text messages, PDF and more. Effective management is not simply the delivery of the communication. More importantly, it is the workflow segmentation with message management creating one-to-one communication. As certified Quadient experts, we ensure you are not delivering a generic message. We guide you to create targeted specific message that aligns to the customer’s needs. Effective customer communication management has become a prerequisite to ensuring a successful company.

Quadient Partnership

Macrosoft has collaborated with Quadient Inspire to become a Certified Delivery Partner. We have built a team of certified developers both in the US and internationally. This ever-growing team is deeply rooted in the CCM world and dedicated to both quality and technology.  The quality of the partnership program engages in powers and enables Macrosoft to deliver high-quality complexed business solutions across a wide array of business industries around the globe. Macrosoft has this strategic partnership with Quadient providing us access to all the tools and world-class support.

Global Capabilities

Using an agile development methodology Macrosoft has developed a blended US international team to ensure comprehensive cost-effective delivery of projects. No matter where the work is done, we test, test, and test again before delivering any application, document, or page to a client. We know every situation needs a delivery structure and we are suited to do them all. We can work on-site, we can work remotely in the US, we can work internationally, or we can deliver using a blended approach. Our teams seamlessly integrate with client organizations ensuring high success on every project.

Certified Professionals

Macrosoft global team has over twenty-five certified people in:

  • Inspire Designer Basic: Creating a fully functional workflow that includes working with styles, creating tables, handling text flowing and setting up variable page selection.
  • Inspire Designer Advanced: In addition to Designer Basic skills, work with external design objects and styles, use global variables, apply advanced text flowing and generate a table of contents for the designed document.
  • Inspire Content Manager (ICM): ICM certification cover install and work with Inspire Content Manager. It especially focuses on ICM installation as a service with specific options, user group management, and individual user accounts, user rights management, setting up password policies, as well as content versioning and working with approval states.
  • Inspire Interactive: Interactive certification covers successfully creating a master template in Inspire Designer and use it for further communication template design in Inspire Interactive.
  • Inspire Scaler: Inspire Scaler certification verifies the configuration of Scaler application and creating a functional workflow that automates the document production process, based on approved communication/document templates.

Conversion from DOC1 to Quadient Inspire for a CCM Client

One of the largest CCM conversion project which requires to convert hundreds of individual DOC1 applications to the Quadient Inspire platform.

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