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Bots are the Future

Macrosoft Voice and ChatBots Development services

Undeniably, Voice and ChatBots are the future of customer engagements. For the first time ever, people are using chat and voice apps more than they are using social networks. Bots provide one-to-one connections with the billions of people using messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, and Alexa.

Intelligent AI-powered ChatBots reduce labor costs and provide your customers with a seamless and friendly front-end experience across a variety of use cases. Your AI enabled ChatBot is a key service and branding tool to distinguish your business from your competitors. Engage with your customers on multiple platforms SMS, Chat, Messenger & more and improve your business efficiency and ROI.

A new way to engage your audience

What do you think provides a more engaging experience for your target audience? Is it filling in a form on your website? Or is it entering a two-way conversation based on their specific needs? Generally, Voice and ChatBots provide an opportunity to create memorable interactions with your audience, building direct client rapport.
Rapport creates loyalty and Loyalty drives revenue.

Personalized interactions and targeted offers

The more targeted your marketing, the more successful it will be. Go beyond traditional marketing with Conversational AI. Engage with your customers by asking close-ended questions and creating personalized offers.

  • Personalized interaction provides you rich data sets on your target audience.
  • ChatBots can remember user data, and create future interactions that feel conversational, personalized and authentic to your users.

Supported ChatBot Platforms

Microsoft Azure Bot Framework

Leveraging Luis.ai and Cognitive Services, Macrosoft enables your bot to see, hear, interpret and interact with users in a human like fashion.


Macrosoft uses Amazon Lex and Polly for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. Amazon Lex provides the advanced deep learning functionalities of ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding).


Working with the Google platform API.AI, Macrosoft builds brand-unique, natural language interactions for conversational bots, applications, services, and devices.

How Your Customers Can Benefit from a Chatbot

  1. 24-hour Availability. – In industries that require 24/7 customer support, ChatBots resolve questions in the shortest time period. This ensures customers have a human-interaction feel.
  2. Reliable Answers. – When talking to a customer service rep, a customer has no assurance that other reps are also providing similar, consistent responses. Therefore, if a customer service rep is not providing the desired response, a customer is tempted to try calling again to see if the next rep is better.
  3. Recorded answers. – After talking to a customer service rep, a customer receives no record of the conversation. Also, most people would prefer not to record their conversations. However, Macrosoft programs enable your customers to receive a copy of the conversation.
  4. Immediate Transactions. – We ensure transactions are executed much faster by streamlining operations. We do this by pushing relevant information to end users and analyzing user engagement.
  5. Endless Patience. – While customer reps and customers sometimes lose their patience, your ChatBot always remains pleasant and helpful.

Why Macrosoft?

We have an expert team at Macrosoft well versed in conversational AI and ChatBot technology. Our AI-powered conversational bots help to automate and streamline activities, improve enterprise productivity, and boost employee and customer engagement. We specialize in AI-powered conversational bots skilled in communicating through various digital media – social and messenger platforms, organizations apps and websites, and intelligent virtual assistants. With our AI-powered ChatBots, you can be assured of providing a more convenient and enjoyable customer experience.

A Reality Check on Today’s ChatBots

Are today’s Chatbots really intelligent? Most of them aren’t. Most of them follow a pre-defined “if this, then that” logic. Almost all the response given by the bot depends on specific keywords identified in the user’s input.


Macrosoft’s 10 Best Chatbot Practices

Modern day businesses can stay competitive by using Chatbots for automating multiple processes. Chatbots have opened up new ways of doing business with their ability to automate conversations and satisfy customer needs in ways that are newer, quicker, simpler, and more reliable.

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