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On May 2nd, 2018 Macrosoft participated in HMG Strategy’s ‘New Jersey CIO Executive Leadership Summit’. Held at the beautiful Hanover Marriott Hotel, in Whippany, New Jersey—the summit attracted 100 CIOs from all over the Tri-State area. HMG Strategy, which hosts events focused on networking, thought leadership, innovation, and transformation, has been running CIO Summits across the United States and the world. Founder and CEO Hunter Muller welcomed everyone to the summit early Wednesday morning, during a Macrosoft-sponsored breakfast.

We sponsor events like these because we want to really get to know our tech cohorts,” explained Macrosoft Vice President Technology Solutions, John Kullmann. “Identifying ways we can better assist the CIO community, and really the entirety of their C-Suite, is why we come to these events.

Speakers ranged from Sean Lennon (SVP & CIO, Allergan) to Georgia Papathomas (SVP & Global Head of Data Science, Johnson & Johnson), who addressed issues such as, “Driving the Digital Roadmap” and “Exploring the Most Impactful Technologies of 2018”. 

As a partner of this event, Macrosoft learned about the future vision of CIOs, while also sharing their own knowledge of the marketplace and technologies that have impacted their business the most.

Their title says it all, Chief INFORMATION Officer,” explained Ronald Mueller, CEO of Macrosoft. “Conferences like this are for the express purpose of information sharing—which these executives have in droves.

The HMG Strategy Summits will continue through the rest of the year, with Minneapolis, Minnesota the next stop. 

For more information on the HMG Strategy CIO Summits:

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