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There is one game left in the NFL season, and for the first time in more than a half-century, the grand finale will be staged in the New York area. Feb 2nd, I already see it’s going to be followed by a sick day. lol I am joking… But, The 2014 Super Bowl will be the biggest TV event of the year,and I admit that I am a huge football fan. 


Even though my beloved New England Patriots are not in the game, the Super Bowl is sure to please.Bowl parties have the potential to always be epic and it’s smart to have some sort of game or fun 2014 Super Bowl trivia handy for family and friends to show off knowledge of football statistics!
Be a hit at any 2014 Super Bowl party with the answer to these three stats…


  1. The Broncos lead the Seahawks 34-18 in the all-time series.
  2. Their only postseason meeting came in a wild-card game on Dec. 24, 1983, when the Seahawks (then an AFC team) won, 31-7, at the Kingdome.
  3. The teams last met Sept. 19, 2010, when the Broncos won, 31-14.


The 2014 Super Bowl is here, nearly four years in the making since the league assigned it to the Meadowlands, at last is at hand, with only a fortnight of hype standing between fans and the biggest annual event in American sports.

Have some fun with these 2014 Super Bowl trivia questions by cutting them out and placing them in a team bucket or small cooler.

It will be the first NFL title game in the metropolitan area since the Packers defeated the Giants on Dec. 30, 1962, a brutally cold day at Yankee Stadium, and the first Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium in a cold-weather region.

Have a bell by the bucket and tell your buddies to ring the bell when they want to challenge someone else with their pigskin knowledge.

For the first time since the Saints beat the Colts after the 2009 season, both No. 1 seeds will meet for the Lombardi Trophy. And the No. 1 scoring offense (Denver) will face the No. 1 scoring defense (Seattle) in the Super Bowl for the first time since 1990, when the defense-oriented Giants beat the high-scoring Bills.

Or, simply ring the bell and whoever is closest to the bucket gets to read a 2014 Super Bowl trivia question.

The game also features a contrast of styles and generations at quarterback between Peyton Manning, 37, a traditional pocket passer on the verge of his fifth league MVP award, and Russell Wilson, 25, a mobile, multiple-threat QB who was 9 years old when Manning was drafted in 1998 and is in only his second season as a pro.

    **Bonus 2014 Super Bowl trivia stat**

May 2010 ended Sunday with the Broncos and Seahawks winning their conference championships and advancing to the finale at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 2 at MetLife Stadium.

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