Business Analytics & AI

Big Data

Macrosoft’s Big Data Analytics Services brings your wide array of data to life by way of visualization and analytical tools. Big Data Analysis has been Macrosoft’s forte from the very beginning. As such, we have delivered successful solutions for large and medium-sized clients. As a rule we use advanced tools to create a rich set of analytic outputs, directly enabling intelligent business decision-making. Thanks to the availability of scalable commodity computing frameworks and advanced analytical tools allows us to transform deep data insights into a competitive business advantage. 

Macrosoft Big Data Analytics Services
Macrosoft Data & Analytics Services

Data & Analytics Services

Macrosoft’s Data & Analytics Services leverages Data Analytics, Data Science and Data Visualization tools to improve
performance. They increase revenues, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing strategy, improve customer outreach, respond quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge.
Hence, our well-versed analytics team create immersive, simplified visual models that help streamline the decision making process.

Health Information System

Macrosoft’s Health Information Systems has enabled many medium and large-sized Pharmaceutical and Health Care organizations to get a deeper understanding of their patients and clients. This extends from customer segmentation, operation analysis, time-series analysis, analyzing customer experience to pricing optimization. Furthermore Macrosoft has delivered successful solutions. We use advanced tools to create a rich set of analytics outputs, enabling businesses to make intelligent decisions.

Macrosoft’s Health Information Systems
Macrosoft Mine-weather Analytics tool
Macrosoft’s Mine-Weather Analytics tool


Mine-Weather is an analytical database and visualization system. It is designed to allow companies to probe the accuracy of the weather forecasts they use to plan their activities and preparedness, in the case of storm conditions. 
Mine-Weather provides the framework for companies to perform their own independent analysis on the accuracy of weather forecasts they rely on. They can evaluate data points for specific types of weather events that are most important to their business.

Predictive Analytics

Take preemptive actions and strategic decisions for your business with
Macrosoft’s Predictive Analytics Services. Minimize risk by anticipating emerging trends, and confident data-backed decisions to achieve desired outcomes. With our services, learn to transform existing data into future, intelligent data.

Macrosoft's Predictive Analytics Services