Big Data

Macrosofts big data analytics services

The pace of data generation is accelerating at a non-linear scale. Industry research shows that about 2.5 Exabytes (one Exabyte=a billion GB) of data is created every day, with the number doubling in about every forty months.

Macrosoft has delivered successful solutions for large and medium-sized clients. We use advanced tools to create a rich set of analytics outputs, directly enabling intelligent data-driven decision making.

Data analysis has been Macrosoft’s forte from the very beginning. To begin with customer segmentation for promotional marketing and campaigns, market-share analysis, time-series analysis, analyzing customer behavior to pricing optimization.

Big Data: Data-Driven Decision Making

Macrosoft’s Big Data Analytics Services unlocks the deep intelligence present in your company’s myriad data sources and transactions. For example, it may include detailed web server logs, micro-transactions at point-of-sale. I can also include, the sentiment expressed in social media and blogosphere about your products and company and automated sensing data via probes. Availability of scalable commodity computing frameworks and advanced analytical tools allows us to transform deep data insights into a competitive business advantage for your business.

What Is Big Data?

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Big Data Services

Macrosoft has a 25-year history providing Big Data Consulting Services. Our Big Data Solutions supports clients in the following areas.

  • Big Data in Healthcare
  • Big Data Analytical Tools
  • Big Data Developer Staffing Solutions
  • Big Data in Retail
  • Big Data Analytics Software

Why Choose Macrosoft’s Big Data Services?

A typical application of Big Data Analytics includes understanding customer behavior. This identifies new product possibilities, responds to negative or positive sentiment, and on-demand promotional offering capability. Macrosoft Big Data services help organizations to:

  • Develop a roadmap of recommendations and actionable insights with analytics.
  • Integrate a variety of data, both structured and unstructured to work with most of the existing investments.
  • Provide accurate responses to opportunities and risks by translating enterprise information into analytics and actionable insights.
  • Determine a consistent set of metrics to analyze, monitor and forecast business performance.
  • Connecting people across the organization with the right information they need for work and thus increase each individuals productivity.

Macrosoft Approach

Macrosoft solutions focus on helping clients to take advantage of their Big Data analytics and performance management priorities. Especially data-driven decision making. So then we help clients understand how to effectively leverage the right information, which performance parameters matters the most, and what tools and techniques transform data sources into strategic business decisions.

Bigdata Platforms And Tools Supported

Hadoop Distributors

  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • MapR
  • WANdisco

NoSQL Platforms Supported

  • Apache HBase
  • Cassandra – Apache
  • Oracle NoSQL Database
  • MongoDB
  • Membase

Cloud Compute Platforms

  • Amazon AWS
  • RackSpace OpenCloud

Business Intelligence

  • Tableau
  • MicroStrategy
  • JasperReports
  • Crystal Reports
  • BIRT
  • BusinessObjects
  • Cognos
  • Oracle Hyperion
  • Datameer
  • Karmasphere


  • Pentaho Kettle
  • Informatica
  • DataStage
  • Ab Initio

Unstructured Data Sources

  • Text Files (fixed, csv)
  • XML
  • EDI Files

OS Environments Supported

  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Mac OS

Database Platforms Supported

  • Oracle
  • Teradata/Aster Data
  • SQL Server
  • Netezza