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Macrosoft’s Data Analytics

Macrosoft delivers descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics for small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, business can answer critical strategy questions based on data. Further, we provide insights into “What happened?”, “Why did it happen?”, “What is going to happen?” Thereby, we help companies define a strategy around “What should we do about it?”.

Macrosoft’s Data Analytics initiatives enable clients to boost performance. We help companies increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing strategies, improve customer outreach, and gain a competitive edge. Moreover, this helps companies quickly respond to emerging market trends.

We do more than just data analysis. First, we take on the upfront work of collecting, integrating and preparing data. Then, we develop, test, and revise analytical models to ensure accurate results. In advanced data analytics projects, we perform Data Mining. In short, Data Mining sorts through large data sets to identify trends, patterns, and relationships. We use ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies for accurately predicting the likelihood of a future outcome.

What We Do.

Macrosoft’s data scientists evaluate your data to build analytical models. We use best in class visualization tools, such as Tableau, and predictive modeling tools. Initially, we run a model against a partial data set, then revise and test it repeatedly. We know this process as ‘training the model’. The process repeats until the intended functional accuracy is achieved. Then, the approved model is run in production mode. Additionally, the model is run against the full data set to address specific information or draw out insights. With the help of data visualization techniques, our analytics team creates easily understandable infographics. Our team uses these infographics to communicate the results generated by analytical models. Overall, this defines our Data Analytics Services which aid the decision makers, in your company.

Data Analytics Services.

Advanced Data Analytics. – We apply statistical and machine learning algorithms. We also introduce the predictive and prescriptive aspects to identify and forecast an opportunity or a threat. Moreover, we prepare your business to plan and react using detailed data.

Data Science. – We slice and dice the data and perform detailed tests to build probabilistic models. Additionally, we use Artificial Intelligence to tease out hidden patterns that were not previously known. This provides insight into a companies Data Analytics Services.

Data Visualization. – We develop intuitive customized dashboards with advanced graphs and reports. Further, this allows companies monitor and track their progress.

Changing the Way Businesses Make Decisions.

Analytics are a powerful way to identify opportunities. Analytics impact an organizations business decision-making abilities. Subsequently, we use modern analytical techniques, which enable business leaders to analyze the latest market trends and customer preferences. We help businesses develop new targets based on this new data-driven information.


Data Services Helping Small Businesses Increase Sales

We at Macrosoft have pitched-in with our small and medium businesses (SMBs) data services technology platform, mainly because compiled lists have not been accurate in meeting the growing business requirements of SMBs.

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