Health Information Systems

Ensuring More Data Means Better Decision Making.

Macrosoft’s Health Information Systems

The digitization of healthcare is creating a mass of new very large and complex data sets. The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is the most significant new example of these massive data sets. Moreover, 85% of healthcare organizations in the United States have implemented some form of EMR.

Macrosoft’s Health Information Systems enables Pharmaceutical and Health Care organizations to obtain a deeper understanding of their providers, patients, and clients.

Further, this extends from customer segmentation, operation analysis, time-series analysis, analyzing customer experience to pricing optimization. Additionally, Macrosoft delivers successful solutions. We use advanced tools creating a rich set of analytics outputs, enabling businesses to make intelligent data driven decisions.

Furthermore, Macrosoft’s Health Information Systems unlocks and leverages the mass amount of data sources and transactions. Subsequently, this includes detailed web server logs, EMR data, social media sentiment and blogosphere about your products or company. Moreover, we can thank the availability of scalable computing frameworks and in-depth analytical tools, for the transformation of bulk data insights, into competitive business advantages.

Visualizing and training the analytical model

Our Data Scientists take your data and build analytical models using best in class visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, and Alteryx. First, a model is run against a representative data set. Then, we revise and test the model repeatedly. We call this process, “training the model”. Next, we repeat the process until the intended functional accuracy is achieved. Then, we run the approved model in production mode against the full data set. We want to address specific information requests to draw out predictive patterns. Moreover, we use data visualization techniques, made by our analytics team, to create infographics. These infographics communicate the results generated by the analytical models. We help decision-makers come to the right conclusions with the right data.


Data Products & Services for Small/Medium Businesses

Macrosoft introduces B2B direct marketing data services as an alternative to traditional data sources (compiled lists) for small and medium sized businesses.

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