Call Centers are Big Business as Customer Expectations Grow Higher Than Ever

By Allen Shapiro

Texas, Arizona and Florida are three US States that depend on Call Centers as major employers. It is estimated that Texas alone has over 600 Call Centers with 250,000 employees. Internationally the numbers jump even larger where the Philippines has 700,000 Call Center representatives and in the city of Bangalore India alone there are 250,000 Call Center agents.

Despite its enormous size this is an industry that is continuing to grow at a rate of more than 14% annually. It’s estimated that Call Centers marketplace represents over $200 billion in revenue and that’s expected to double in size as it continues to grow year-over-year.

With this growth companies are seeing employee turnover as a huge concern. Small size Call Centers experience a 17% employee turnover on average, whereas large size centers the agent loss is much higher at 44% annually.

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It is obvious when talking to customers, friends, and colleagues, that clients are doing more of their interactions with your business online. Individuals expect Call Centers performance to always be at its peak. It’s calculated that $41 billion of revenue is lost every year by US companies following a bad customer service experience.

To stay on the forefront your business needs to incorporate technology to improve elements such as:

  • First Call Resolution
  • Quality Assurance
  • Compliance
  • Agent Performance Management
  • Silence Cause/Management
  • And Conversational Insights

The CallMiner platform is the fastest growing, most robust, non-biased source of speech and text analytic data to ensure what’s happening during client conversations is what your business requires. Implemented properly CallMiner speech analytics provides contextual insight across 100% of the customer interaction that supports:

  • A better customer experience,
  • Ensures regulatory compliance,
  • Increase sales and revenue collection,
  • Automated Quality Assurance (QA) with agent training and performance management,
  • And provides for more efficient and happier call center representatives.

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Macrosoft has become certified strategic partner with CallMiner Eureka. The focus of this collaboration is to utilize Speech Analytics for Customer Engagement Optimization. Contact us today to learn how CallMiner can be used to improve the performance of your operations

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By Allen Shapiro | February 5th, 2020 | CallMiner

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Allen Shapiro

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