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By Allen Shapiro

Top Call Center AI Services from On-boarding through to a Lifetime of Success

With more than 15 years of industry leadership and over 2 billion hours of conversations mined, CallMiner delivers exceptional value to customers through highly effective, usable, and scalable analytics solutions.

CallMiner is the leading provider of customer engagement analytics solutions – including speech, text, email and web – designed for:

  • improving agent performance,
  • enriching the customer experience,
  • mitigating regulatory compliance risk and
  • increasing sales/recovery.

Achieving the Fastest Time-To-Live On-Boarding in the Industry

A customer’s engagement with CallMiner starts with Speed to Deployment – during customer onboarding, then proceeds to Customer Acceleration – where they receive the knowledge and resources to make a fast start towards ROI through customized trainings and additional service offerings, and quickly passes on to the Customer Success – to recognize ROI within their operations.

  • Speed to Deployment: Speed to pervasive business intelligence with CallMiner Eureka starts with “speed to deployment” with the configuration tool aids customers in achieving the fastest time-to-live in the industry. A broad set of administration tools provides users complete control and flexibility in system configuration without requiring an ongoing professional services contract.
  • Speed to Deployment leads to Speed to Intelligence: CallMiner will enable your contact analytics technology in a matter of days. With the secure hosted cloud environment, you do not need to wait the three to nine months or more that others require to go live. Clients are up live and processing data in weeks, not months!

Macrosoft’s CallMiner Services

Download Macrosoft’s CallMiner Implementation Services brochure to learn more how we can help you achieve your Customer Satisfaction goals .

Best Customer Services to Ensure a Lifetime Customer Success

CallMiner believes in empowering customers with the tools and insights to become independent, self-actuated users of their intuitive interaction analytics platform. The journey to realizing ROI success continues with CallMiner’s Customer Acceleration team with the widely acknowledged industry best Education, Certification, and Accelerator Coaching programs.

  • Customer Success Directors (CSD): A major success factor in CallMiner’s industry leading, award winning customer experience program is the Customer Success Directors. These industry experts draw from their own extensive experience and technical acumen to ensure strong client Voice of the Customer engagements. CSDs are instrumental in facilitating strategy sessions, driving ROI, and steering targeted analysis to create happy and loyal customers. The CSDs also encourage client feedback on product feature enhancements, ensuring ideas are presented to the development team to be considered for new product and service offerings.
  • Engagement Optimization Community: (EO) is an online community designed for CallMiner customers and customer engagement professionals. The primary goals of EO are twofold. The first goal is to support the CallMiner customer user community with an extensive array of up-to-date information on the Eureka product platforms. Second and equally important, EO serves as the ideal platform to provide peer-to-peer networking opportunities, idea sharing and thought leadership content for CallMiner customers and customer engagement professionals at large.
  • Eureka Accelerator: Customers may participate in an extended coaching course through Eureka Accelerator. Accelerator begins with the BIA certification course and continues for 160 hours for your dedicated analysts. These coaching hours focus on the skills, toolsets, and problem-solving methodologies your analysts will need to achieve ROI with your speech and interaction analytics program.
  • Eureka Academy: Is an innovative continuing education training webinar series intended for both customers and partners. The monthly webinar series complements the existing product training and E-Learning curriculums provided for the products and covers a range of topics including product features and functionality, as well as general CallMiner and customer interaction analytics topics.
  • CallMiner Learning Center: The Learning Center features highly relevant and topical information on how organizations can leverage speech / interaction analytics to meet their business and profit objectives.
  • Eureka Xchange: Among another of CallMiner innovations is the industry’s first hosted platform application exchange for category and score build enhancements. Eureka Xchange is an app exchange exclusively for Eureka speech analytics users. Eureka Xchange complements CallMiner’s existing libraries of solution packs, by providing additional pre-built categories and tags to help CallMiner customers to gain even more key business insights.

Macrosoft’s CallMiner Services

Download Macrosoft’s CallMiner Implementation Services brochure to learn more how we can help you achieve your Customer Satisfaction goals .

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By Allen Shapiro | March 2nd, 2020 | CallMiner

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Allen Shapiro

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