LISTEN 2019: Turning Sound to Data

By Allen Shapiro

Brian LaRoche, Director, Outreach Marketing of CallMiner did an excellent job of getting his points across with a parody video created especially for the #LISTEN2019 CallMiner Eureka annual user group conference. 

We each got a good laugh as Brian interjected IoT capabilities to collect real time data from the mood rings distributed to all in attendance.  His message was not lost on this audience.  Analyzing the written word is easy.  But written communication represents only a small portion of all the customer interaction that is occurring every day.  Converting sound to data is hard.  Sound data is hard to target, and the quality of the sound poses a host of pitfalls.  CallMiner has more data to work with and is applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to support client’s operations.

Companies that want to be leaders for the future need to embrace digital transformation.  No, we are not looking to replace the agents with Terminator bots.  We are working to augment the employees to turn them into Super Agents.  Key to doing this is understanding and influencing customer emotion and engagement.  Working with the CallMiner platform we can remove mundane tasks and focus on ways to both reduce costs and drive more revenue.

Data driven insights need to be driving your business forward.

  • Drive Agent Effectiveness
  • Produce Customer Insights, and
  • Improve the Customer Experience.
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By Allen Shapiro | November 8th, 2019 | CallMiner

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Allen Shapiro, Director – CCM Practice

Allen Shapiro

Allen brings more than 25 years of diverse experience in Marketing and Vendor Management to Macrosoft Inc. As the Managing Director of our Customer Communications Management (CCM) practice, Allen leads the Onshore and Off-shore CCM development teams. Additionally, Allen oversees pre-sales activities and is responsible for managing the relationship with our CCM software provider Quadient.

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