Services Provided

As a certified strategic partner with CallMiner Eureka, Macrosoft is a one-stop-shop for everything and anything CallMiner. We leverage all the platform’s capabilities; starting from their ability to populate customer communication data to converting the interaction data into actionable business intelligence. Every business with both large and small call centers can use CallMiner to improve their customer service. Every company that takes their customer service interaction seriously gains valuable insights about the customer sentiment, their customer service, and the brand’s position with respect to an actual customer experience.      

API Utilization Services

Some companies already have a solid customer service foundation but fail to gain full, meaningful insight from the data. Macrosoft helps by leveraging CallMiner’s proprietary NLP (natural language processing) and Machine Learning abilities in the field of speech analytics. With CallMiner Eureka, API companies are able to optimize their customer service workflows, gain insights, and make better decisions. Macrosoft partners with companies from the data acquisition through embedding the API with rigorous testing to automating many CallMiner functions. Furthermore, we ensure that integration is scalable and stable for intents and purposes. 

Software Licensing

Good things are never free, and it is the same with the CallMiner Eureka platform. As a licensed aggregator reseller of the CallMiner Eureka platform, Macrosoft helps companies get the best of CallMiner without breaking the bank. Companies partnering with us receive access to CallMiner’s Analyze and Coach modules which helps QA, supervisors, and agents to learn and improve their workflow details feedback on customer interactions. With Redact, companies can follow compliances and regulations by automatically removing all personally identifiable information (PII) from their database.

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CallMiner is used by a variety of industries from finance to healthcare. Each of these industries comes with its set of compliances and regulations regarding mining data. The demands and expectations of an individual company change the output they desire from using CallMiner. Our delivery model service is designed to achieve just that; we configure the CallMiner platform to meet and exceed the expectations of the clients. We also work to ensure that CallMiner is successfully integrated with the existing solutions that may be used by companies.