CallMiner has made itself a global leader when it comes to speech analytics, so it is understandable that organizations wish to integrate CallMiner into their existing and proprietary solutions. Macrosoft has considerable experience in helping organizations in doing just that; we have multiple happy clients across the world who are a testament to our expertise. Since companies use more than one solution in their verticals, it understandable that they are worried about the stability and scalability of any API integration, let alone CallMiner API.       

With Eureka API, organizations get access to never-before-seen insights from their everyday customer service interactions, e-mails, yearly reports, and workflows. The data derived from CallMiner Eureka can be automatically routed to existing solutions an organization uses. One set of data can be sent to BI tools to chart future business activities. One set of data can be sent to the CRM of the organization to streamline their sales pipeline. Another set of data can be sent to the ERP systems to create a plan which contributes to the business goals of the organization.     

Macrosoft provides services for developers, data scientist, and partners in the following:

  • Speech Analytics Integration
  • Real-Time & Post-Call Data Analysis
  • REST-based Standards
  • Corporate Metadata Fusion
  • Sharing with Existing Systems
  • TLS Encrypted Security
  • Metadata Update Flexibility

Standard programming resources make it easy to securely collect and integrate customer dialogue, agent mood, and performance, as well as chats, emails, and other data for exploration and analysis. With a standards-based foundation, we have adopted an agile approach to acquiring data, data enrichment, and data presentation.

Every insight generated from Eureka CallMiner, when combined with the existing expertise of the organization, enlightens the stakeholders to better business decisions. Extracting business intelligence directly from the customers is the best way for businesses to improve their products and services by exactly meeting the demands and expectations of their clients. Furthermore, given the ability to visualize the data to specific outcomes, this becomes easier for different departments to collaborate towards the bigger business goals.   


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