Macrosoft is a licensed aggregator reseller of the CallMiner Eureka platform. Our unique partnership enables Macrosoft to provide clients direct access to Artificial Intelligence and enable CallMiner capabilities without having the embedded cost of enterprise licensing. Macrosoft works with clients providing all modules and capabilities across the CallMiner Eureka ecosystem.

Analyze: Analyze is the investigative workbench of the CallMiner Eureka platform. Analyze visually presents performance metrics, transcriptions which come pre-tagged with the sentiment, multichannel customer journey mapping, and search & share the discovery of the topic.

  • Speech-to-Text
  • Redacted Audio
  • Transcription with Sentiment
  • Search & Share Classification
  • Automated Agent Scoring
  • Trend & Topic Discovery
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Coach: Get detailed insights into how an agent is interacting in every call. Find areas where agents are lacking and where improvements can be made. Foster an environment of positive performance with accurate performance feedback.    

  • Directed Agent Feedback
  • Scored Team Performance
  • Agent Dashboards
  • Alerts with Call Detail
  • Annotated Audio Examples
  • Case Managed Follow-up
  • Supervisor & Agent Dialog

Redact: Eureka Redact can precisely remove sensitive numeric data and maintain the context of the conversation so that insight is effective while reducing liabilities with external and internal threats.

  • Mask Sensitive Data
  • PCI/PII Numeric Data
  • Audio & Transcript
  • Real-Time & Post-Call
  • Multi-Language
  • Targeted Data Flexibility

API: Companies can now leverage CallMiner’s speech analytics abilities to their existing software such as CRMs, ERPs, and BI tools. We work with in house developers and data scientists of our organizational partners so they get the desired outputs. 

  • Speech Analytics Integration
  • Real-time & Post-Call
  • REST-based standards
  • Corporate Metadata Fusion
  • Share with Existing Systems
  • TLS Encrypted Security
  • Metadata Update Flexibility


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