Transform the Voice of your Customers into actionable business intelligence. Now more than ever, customers want their voices to be heard. With Eureka CallMiner businesses can both extrapolate data from what was spoken in words and from vocal emotions and non-vocal sentiments. CallMiner uses deep Neural Networks and Machine Learning to adapt to any environment. CallMiner is scalable to suit any size of business from small Call Centers to industry giants, CallMiner has something for everyone. 

What Critical Information Can CallMiner Provide for Your Business?

Churn Language Identify if a client will leave for a competitor.

Dissatisfaction Gage if the interaction falling short of client expectations.

Empathy Measure the agent’s ability to reciprocate the feelings of clients.

Escalation Get Insights if the front-line interaction is complete and closed.

Payment Language determine if the collection will be successful.

Politeness Track the agent’s overall demeanor concerning the client’s emotions.

Identifying Benefits and Calculating ROI of CallMiner Investment

Download Macrosoft’s CallMiner ROI Whitepaper to learn more how we can you achieve your Return on Investment goals on CallMiner Implementation

What Can You Use CallMiner For?

Performance Monitoring

The customer service agents are the face of any company representing the products and services. A polite and empathic customer service agent directly translates to a company that is responsive and responsible. It does not matter what the primary function of an internal call center of a company might be, with CallMiner you gain insights into agent scoring, role-based effectiveness, and required targeted training.  

Customer Experience 

The primary metrics for any customer service department is their customer’s satisfaction after an interaction. Unfortunately, many customers do not take part in any feedback activities irrespective of the interaction being positive or negative. CallMiner provides organizations an avenue to insights not only on the conversation but also on product and service issues, employee brand representation, customer sentiment, and more.     

Call Centre Efficiency 

Call centers are supposed to be a customer-centric endeavor, but sooner or later organizations need to make hard decisions based on looking into the accurate numbers. This where CallMiner helps organizations with optimizing their call center operations, effectively scheduling agents, reducing customer interaction times, and improved customer satisfaction. Measurable figures guide the setting up self-service portals customized that meet the individual needs of our customers. 

Sales Performance Management 

It is obvious to observe that the sales numbers are directly correlated to the efficiency of the sales agents. As time has moved on, the customer’s expectation from products and services has moved on as well. Traditional approaches to sales are flawed and are too narrow to use across different industries. CallMiner provides organizations a measurable way can update their sales flow to increase upsells, streamline sales flow thereby increasing both initial sales as well as upsell opportunities.

Compliance Enforcement

Not every call center is similar, some call centers handle calls and interactions with other organizations or individuals where sensitive information is being to be exchanged. Not following compliances and regulations can result in serious consequences for the organization. Non-compliant activities can affect trust, revenues, and leaves the organization to be vulnerable to legal actions as well. With CallMiner organizations get forensic analysis of interactions, particularly important in the finance and healthcare industries.

Identifying Benefits and Calculating ROI of CallMiner Investment

Download Macrosoft’s CallMiner ROI Whitepaper to learn more how we can you achieve your Return on Investment goals on CallMiner Implementation


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