2023 CCM Industry Trends and Best Practices Survey Results

Macrosoft is a leader in providing professional technical services for client’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) needs using the Quadient Inspire Platform. We work in 3 major areas: Design and Development of new Inspire applications; Migration of assets and workflows from other CCM platforms to Quadient; and technical support of existing Quadient applications.

2023 Customer Communication Management (CCM) Industry Trends Survey Report

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As a result of this expertise, Macrosoft conducted a CCM Industry Trends survey during the first two weeks of April 2023. A total of 242 individuals from more than 200 identified companies participated in the survey. There was a total of 17 questions.

Based on the broad participation, and low drop our rate, it is believed that the results are highly accurate and represent a significant portion of the industry.

Survey results show an industry in flux, with sharp opinion differences concerning the role of CCM applications in the present technology world.

Select Survey Findings

  • A single CCM platform provides streamlined workflows, reduced redundancy, and improved message coordination across channels. Companies with multiple CCM platforms face challenges and compliance risks.
  • Customer journey maps serve as a catalyst for businesses to achieve a superior comprehension, design, and optimization of customer experiences, leading to heightened satisfaction, loyalty, and overall success.
  • The survey results highlight several key obstacles faced by CCM professionals in hyper-personalized client communication including data privacy concerns, data collection challenges, communication effectiveness, and process optimization.
  • Company’s main reasons for selecting a CCM software tool revolve around personalized communication, automation and standardization, consistent experience, efficiency, comprehensive solutions, customer satisfaction, data security, management capabilities, and convenience.
  • Dynamic communications, which deliver personalized and contextually relevant messages, are increasingly recognized for their value in CCM strategies. While adoption rates vary, there is potential for further growth and adoption in this area.
  • The survey reveals significant challenges in CCM processes, including departments using different technologies and the inefficiency of delivering similar content. There is an increasing recognition of the importance of addressing ineffective communication. Overall, progress has been made in CCM platforms to overcome these challenges.
2023 Customer Communication Management (CCM) Industry Trends Survey Report

Download Survey Report

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Macrosoft is available to provide an industry expert who can present these results as requested to industry user groups.

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