Cloud Services

Macrosoft Inc’s years of experience coupled with our Microsoft Gold Partnership status makes us a unique solution provider in this industry. We understand Microsoft Cloud technology's layers and cost structure. With our extensive experience and qualification, we believe we are capable of supporting our clients in making a successful transformation to the cloud on all three important levels: IAAS, PAAS, SAAS.

The focus of our cloud services is predominantly on Microsoft Azure. There are four main pillars to our service offering as described below:

Cloud Focused – The cloud is ever changing with new services which makes it very difficult for companies to adopt. That is what makes clients join forces with partners like us. We work with our clients to ensure which service offering from Azure best suits their business needs.

Security-Minded – Any move to the cloud must be made with the utmost clarity and attention ensuring security throughout the entire transformation process. We safeguard your applications from the risk of downtime and data theft by maintaining the highest levels of security at all time.

Long-Term – The transformation to the cloud will often involve different phases during which the client continues to maintain and operate a business (usually in a hybrid-cloud environment). We believe we can be a very effective long-term partner by earning their continuing support. 

Value-Based – Our intention is not to be the lowest cost option out there that works with you to transform. We are extremely well priced compared to the excessively high-priced services from the top end consulting services out there.

Agile and flexible, our cloud migration service helps streamline your enterprise migration to the cloud. Our services are focused on Microsoft Cloud technology that helps you grow faster and get better ROIs with cloud agility.

SharePoint to Cloud

Migrating to SharePoint requires adequate planning and preparation. We take the time to check every detail before the start of migration to minimize risk. Workflows and Customizations are the obvious things to test but other elements, including security, are just as important. Ensuring security and permissions allows us to migrate as expected and helps avoid serious data exposure. This is especially important if you have intellectual property assets or sensitive data stored in SharePoint.
Whether moving your organization’s SharePoint platform to the cloud or migrating to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online from another content management platforms, Macrosoft as a trusted partner will help you make this transition seamless. With Azure active directory your organization will have room for future cloud transformation at a faster pace while keeping the core infrastructure in place. We let our clients not only have a long-term technology vision but also a SharePoint migration and upgrade roadmap that delivers efficiency.

Dynamics to Cloud

 At Macrosoft we have spent quantitative time researching Dynamics 365 that brings CRM and ERP capabilities together helping you run the entire business in the cloud. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is considered as the primary platform and future of many organizations when it comes to business technology. With the rising cost of Salesforce, more and more companies are beginning to consider implementing Dynamics 365 within their practice.
Our experience in Microsoft Dynamics cloud ecosystem has uniquely positioned us to play a major part in the planning, development, implementation, and management of cloud-focused IT projects. We possess a deep understanding of how Dynamics 365’s cloud platform works, which will help decision-makers make informed decisions. Of course, this means that your input and expertise will be needed more than ever.
Moving to the cloud is only the first step – and we won’t leave you behind. We offer a variety of cloud migration service options that help optimize your operation – and allow you to concentrate on growing your business.