Comparison on VFP Survey Results Vs LinkedIn Polls – 2022

By Nandha Kumar

Believe it or not, there are still a ton of working Visual FoxPro (VFP) applications s in the IT infrastructure for many mid-sized companies. Also, VFP has been a magnificent tool and has led to vastly productive systems. But the time has come where it cannot keep holding its place going forward. VFP will have to be replaced soon or in the next 3 to 5 years for sure. There are so many reasons it is no longer suitable for thriving and growing companies to keep large VFP applications and doing essential business functions. We all know the causes, like security, cloud, web, new features, new operating systems, lack of developers, and so on.

And here we are Macrosoft, a leader in providing professional technical services for both ongoing VFP support and migration of VFP applications to modern technology platforms. In addition, some of the large-scale vendors from either the US or sub-continent-based, reach out for our help & support for both IT Staffing or our Automation tools. Every year Macrosoft conducts an industry best practices survey. This year we conducted it during April 2022. The survey was carried out using SurveyMonkey to our client contact list of FoxPro professionals. This year we did something additional to that survey, to understand more about the public opinion, we had selected most important questions and ran a few LinkedIn polls. In this blog we will be comparing both results and giving you more insights.

Download Full Survey Report

Download the full survey report for free and get access to the interactive portal

What is the potential risk you face with your legacy VFP application?

Both platform users expressed the same opinion in response to this issue, namely that the security of the system poses the greatest risk. Then, LinkedIn users consider System Breaking to be a secondary risk, in contrast to survey participants who opt for Unsupported Platform.

Did you ever begin the process to migrate your VFP application?

This question has given us a split opinion wherein LinkedIn participants voted for ‘Explored the option but not started’ at the same time most of the survey people stood for Halfway through it.

What modern language do you prefer while migrating Legacy application?

With the current scenario, we almost expected that the preferred language choice for the migrated legacy application would be ASP.NET. As predicted, both LinkedIn and Survey participants voted for the same. Fortunately, majority of the respondents opted Java as their secondary option in both the platform.

How old is your Legacy application?

The results from both LinkedIn and the survey were the same, that over half of the participants were using their Legacy application for the past 10-15 years. And there are only few users who are using the Legacy application for less than 10 years.


Even though we used two entirely different platforms and participants, we have received more of a similar response. This makes us believe that we are using the correct method for understanding the current trend and opinion. This brings us more fuel to continuously do similar kinds of surveys in and design more interesting results moving forward.

Macrosoft continues to invest in further advancement of our automation tools to make them even more versatile and productive. Overall, our suite of 8 tools currently reduces manual efforts by over 65%, and that automation figure continues to increase. In conclusion, it’s the right time to focus on planning your VFP migration, and Macrosoft is your perfectly viable option.

Download Full Survey Report

Download the full survey report for free and get access to the interactive portal

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By Nandha Kumar | October 20th, 2022 | Migration

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Nandha Kumar

Nandha Kumar

Nandha Kumar is Manager of Technical Solutions for Macrosoft. He has done MBA in Marketing and Operations from Amrita School of Business. He has overall 3+ years of Sales experience including IT Sales. He has good exposure of sales process and interaction with international clients. He is certified in Digital Marketing and Strategy for Lead Generation from HubSpot.

Before joining Macrosoft, he was working with Neeyamo, Global Infocity Chennai. His interests are in Automobiles, Food and Travelling.

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