Conversational Analytics Survey Report

Macrosoft Survey of 569 Call Center Professionals

Macrosoft is a technology consulting firm with strategic partnerships with the leaders in Conversational Analytics industry.  To gain the pulse of this industry Macrosoft conducted an industry best practices survey during the first two weeks of March 2021.  569 individuals participated in the 20-question survey. Based on this broad participation it is believed that the results are highly accurate and a represent true industry-wide perspective.

We have focused on Conversational Analytics as this is the broadest category, defined as creating digital data from human conversation, be it written or spoken, by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) which thereby enables computers to understand what is being said and applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract and organize the information. Within Conversational Analytics you will find both “Speech Analytics” which is “what was said” and “Voice Analytics” which is focused on “how it was said”.

Based on the broad participation, and low drop our rate, it is believed that the results are highly accurate and represent a significant portion of the industry. Macrosoft plans to conduct this survey on an annual basis, which will bring new context to the responses as we see how the survey responses evolve over time.

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Select findings

  • As expected, the vast majority (97%) of respondents indicate their Call Centers do record conversations.
  • Given the fact that almost 80% of respondents indicate their agents follow scripts, that brings forward the need for Conversational Analytics to monitor and assess agent’s compliance.
    • 19% indicate their agents follow full scripts.
    • This increases to 79% when we add responses where agents follow some scripted elements.
    • 18% of respondents indicate their agents have limited talking points but not a script.
    • And 2% engage in completely freeform non scripted conversations.
  • Utilizing a Conversational Analytics platform allows call coverage to scale to 100% of calls, and perhaps as importantly, the scoring process used in the platform will be applied consistently across all customer calls, eliminating reviewer bias concerns.
    • 41% of respondents indicate their company’s Call Center has a formal and complete scorecard used to review and track the quality of agent recorded conversations.
    • 48% indicate their company has scorecard guidelines that provide much the same information but in a more informal way.
    • 11% indicate their Call Centers do not have any defined process for scoring customer calls.
  • What is the biggest issue you have with agents?
    • We listed 10 commonly discussed issues contact centers face with respect to their agents. The top priority issue is recruiting of new agents. Another 34% consider it to be an issue of some importance. The related issue of “agent attrition” is also highly rated. 
    • A surprising high response was garnered by the issue “too many redundant tools/systems”. 18% of respondents consider it to be among the biggest issues, and another 31% consider it to be an issue of some importance.
  • Do you use recordings for R&D purposes?
    • 60% of respondents indicate their companies use the customer conversation recordings to derive R&D findings. That is, companies are using these customer conversations to identify ways to make their product or service better, more efficient, and user friendly, to add new features and functionality to the product or service.

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Macrosoft is available to provide an industry expert who can present these results as requested to industry user groups.

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