Covid 19 Message

Macrosoft’s Founder and CEO Ron Mueller, saw the Covid-19 threat very early on noting “Covid-19 represents the biggest single threat to people and businesses that I have seen in the 26 years of Macrosoft’s existence

…our leadership teams at all company locations have responded tremendously to keep everyone safe and well, and at the same time keep the company running well

Ron Mueller – CEO

Following Ron’s lead, Macrosoft’s leadership sprang into action with Proactive Strategies responding to COVID-19 Business Challenges.

Employee well-being was our utmost priority. We confirmed that every employee was able to telecommute and had the capabilities, including secure access and tools to perform their tasks remotely without compromising productivity and data privacy

Ed Sable – President

We had robust systems in place, be it in the SSL VPN to On-prem, effective collaboration tools like MS Teams, MS One Drive, etc. to help virtualize communications.

Moving to Work from home raised a few concerns, especially for the junior employees and trainees. We implemented a daily routine of 3 stand-up meetings within each team.  Multiple communication channels were set using MS Teams to ensure smooth functioning of the projects, and team members are encouraged to contact for any help.

Within a week of inception of Work from home practice, all teams were functioning smoothly, and we are proud to say none of our delivery dates were missed. In fact, we saw an increase in productivity, and we even secured appreciation emails from several clients.

G.N. Shah – CTO

Of course, it was very important to use our advanced technology to ensure that our customers’ needs were met in a safe and secure manner.

John Kullmann – VP Technology Solutions

Though we miss our office environment, we make sure to enjoy our new lifestyle. We hope this pandemic will be over soon, till then, we will be physically apart, but always together at heart.


Staying competitive has always been a challenge, especially in this era of accelerating technology. And now, the COVID-19 pandemic has added another layer of challenges that businesses must learn to deal with.

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