Enterprise Services

Enterprise Development/Outsourcing

Today, the expectations and demands from clients have changed and businesses are responding to these new needs and requirements. Businesses are looking for software applications that deliver better functionality, reliability, and real-time configuration/customization. Given the competition businesses face, the IT solutions they use have become complex, customer-centric, with 24/7 availability. Macrosoft’s Enterprise Development/Outsourcing practice combines strong business operations knowledge, output expectations, using the latest technology trends to deliver robust applications. Our Agile methodology ensures shorter development cycles and faster project completion. At Macrosoft, our experienced software developers work side by side with your team providing complete solutions for complex business requirements. We provide the expertise that simplifies the development process, thereby improving your business performance.

Macrosoft’s IoT data analysts services

Internet of Things (IoT)

Businesses have started to understand the importance of efficiency. The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing manufacturing by streamlining and optimizing the existing workflows. Macrosoft can combine raw and analytics to provide industries with vital information. Macrosoft’s data analysts can take your data and build personalized analytical models, using best in class visualization and predictive modeling tools. With the help of data visualization techniques, our analytics team creates easily understandable infographics that help you make sense of the mass of IoT data. Connecting data from assets throughout the industrial output chain provides complete operational visibility visually which allows for real-time decision making and improved levels of quality and efficiency as well as bringing in new service opportunities.

Web Design & Development

The way customers and clients look for a service or product has changed from physical to digital. Having a digital presence has become a must for business. A website has gone from marketing material to absolute necessity. A website showcases the businesses products, services, strength, features, approach, and their responsibility to the customer. A website must be a mix of art and technology, to be aesthetically memorable and easy to use and navigate. Our web developers, UI developers, UX developers, and designers come together to create a website that is unique as our clients are. The websites which we create are responsive, adaptive, and custom-designed to meet the demands of our clients.

How A Good Website Design Drives Your Business

AWS Migration

There are multiple cloud computing delivery models to choose from for your specific expectations and demands. Businesses are struggling to settle on the best option while looking at their limitations such as multiple business outcome requirements, learning curves, price and compatibility issues. We at Macrosoft, have helped multiple organizations to adopt AWS while providing them multiple deployment options. We study the requirements and expectations of our clients helping us to map their cloud journey. Our consulting always takes in multiple considerations such as your cloud vision, your existing IT staff, and their expertise.  We also look at your existing hardware capabilities. It doesn’t matter if the cloud deployment is private, public, or hybrid, our holistic approach to cloud services makes sure that you can leverage all the advantages of the cloud to your existing business process.

Mobile App Development

The place where the most data is consumed and the place where the most information is exchanged is on the smartphone platform. Many organizations have become industry giants simply by understanding the smartphone platform and the expectations from the user. We at Macrosoft have helped clients to take their services on the mobile platform. As smartphones become more and more affordable, the untapped potential for your business on the smartphone is even difficult to comprehend. Macrosoft has leveraged both hybrid and native platforms to deliver custom solutions to our clients that exceed their demands and expectations.