Macrosoft’s Robust Cybersecurity Solutions for Business Resilience 

Currently global cybercrime exceeds $16.4 billion per day. A recent study indicates that cybercrime is now considered to be the world’s 3rd largest economy. It is estimated that cyberattacks are up nearly 50 % over last year. On average a single ransomware event can take 21 days or more to full recovery.

The rapid shift to cloud, remote and hybrid workspaces add to the number of security gaps and vulnerabilities available to hackers when it comes to gaining access to corporate systems.  To add to this, insurers, industry regulators, and government agencies are increasing the enforcement of compliance requirements at a fast pace.

Cyberattacks on all businesses are becoming more frequent, targeted, and complex. Most companies simply do not have the resources or talent on staff to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop adequate strategies to defend themselves.

Cyber Security Service

Macrosoft has more than 20 years of experience in providing cybersecurity services.  Our cybersecurity practice consists of 3 practice areas: Consulting, Assessments and Cybersecurity Services.  Our cybersecurity team has extensive experience in network technologies, cybersecurity monitoring and protection systems, audits and assessments, risk management, cybersecurity governance and industry compliance standards.

Our highly skilled resources stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for their clients. By choosing Macrosoft, you gain access to a team with a proven track record, industry expertise, and a commitment to client success.

Macrosoft Cybersecurity Solutions for Business Resilience 

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The following describes the offerings within each practice:

Cybersecurity Consulting:

  • Governance
  • Compliance (HIPAA, PCI, ISO, NIST, URAC, OWASP) 
  • Incident Management
  • Business Continuity (BCP/DR)
  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Cybersecurity Operations
  • Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

Cybersecurity Assessments:

  • Full Security Audits (Technology, Operations)
  • Penetration Testing (Phish, Perimeter, App Scan, Injection, Encryption)
  • Cybersecurity Controls & Monitoring (SEIM, MDR, EDR, XDR)
  • Physical Inspection (Design, Config) (Cloud, On Premise, Hybrid)
  • Access Controls (Physical Location, Application, Users)


  • Audit/Assessment Remediation
  • GAP Mitigation & Resolution
  • Solution Selection & Implementation (Hardware, Software, SaaS)
  • Managed Services (Recurring Revenue Program)
  • Identity Theft Mitigation & Management (Dark Web Scan)
  • Awareness Training
  • Prepackaged Bundles

Macrosoft also offers customized solutions to fit the specific needs and budgets of each business. With a proactive approach to ongoing cybersecurity management and cost-effective services, Macrosoft is an excellent choice for business looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture.