Macrosoft’s IoT data analysts services

Macrosoft’s IoT Analytics services enables you to leverage your existing IoT device data to create immersive, dynamic and personalized reports. The reports can be combined with existing contextual data, which will in turn minimize data sorting and consumption.

IoT analytics differs from other ‘other’ analytics is that it deals with a continue ongoing stream of events and data generated by 100s or 1000s of IoT devices, gateways and equipment as well as associated data sources. Much of this data can be stored in data lakes or organized in databases where it can be analyzed using existing tools and methods:

Data Mining/Modeling

Use your existing collected data to provide knowledge, insights and modeling of your business.

Data Blending/Integration

Blend data from IoT and other sources to deliver business insights.

Data Visualization/Reporting

The best tools to present the data that your business is generating allowing you to draw the right conclusions.

But the real value of IoT analytics comes from analyzing the ongoing stream

To analyze this ongoing stream requires a set of special analytics tools, some, like rules engines and IoT analytics are incorporated in IoT platforms while others like online stream processing (Apache Flink) are being introduced in the market place

Rules Engine & Event Processing

IoT platforms use this to evaluate date and filter out irrelevant data and summarize it into meaningful information and events.

Stream Analytics

Real time processing of your real time data delivering real time information to your business.

What We Do

Help you become a Data Driven business by creating value from your data

IoT is all about the data it generates and the business insights and actions it allows. Our Data Analytics practice is focused on delivering this for your business by using IoT data to deliver insights. Using industry leading tools, we will utilize and enhance your data collection and deliver results: Our expertise include:

  • Alteryx & Talend for Data Blending/Integration
  • IBM SPSS Modeler and SAS Enterprise Miner for Data Mining/Modeling
  • Tableau & Microsoft Power BI for Data Visualization/Reporting

And for real time stream analytics we are using Flink analytics to provide the insights you need.

Internet of Things Solutions are made up of four major components: IoT Devices, Connectivity & Connectivity Platforms, IoT/Data Management (Cloud or Premise) Platforms, and Applications. Integrating these 4 components into a seamless fully functional and evolving IoT solution requires substantial System Integration skills involving technologies, Standards, Protocols, Data Models, APIs, Cloud and Web applications. We provide system, software and hardware integration services as part of the full IoT stack we support. In addition, we provide tailored software and hardware solutions for a number of different use cases.

Industrial Monitoring

Augment existing monitoring solutions with IoT based overlays.

Monitoring and Automation

Monitor vital functions and equipment including environmental, operational and trouble monitoring.

BioTech performance and monitoring.

Create IoT solutions to solve specific equipment, usage and performance monitoring using IoT.

Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring assets whether fixed or moving.

Security Augmentation

Augment existing perimeter and conditional security functions with widely deployable IoT solutions.

What We Do

Increase Productivity & Performance

Our Systems Integration solutions are based on established component, access technologies, cloud solutions and application platforms. Using this technology and expertise foundations we are able to offer our clients anything from complete IoT implementations to specific solutions solving specific problems including data analytics, web & mobile IoT applications, cloud integrations and custom applications for use cases in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Building Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Biotech & Pharma
  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas

Macrosoft’s IoT Systems Integration services can help you realize the value of IoT by augmenting existing solutions, create new ones or help you navigate IoT by providing POCs, Pilots and Deployment solutions and integrate these with your overall business data strategy and existing reporting systems.

IOT: Past And Present

IoT has helped companies improve their environments, efficiency of networks and better their understanding of the world. According to experts, by 2020 IoT will consist of 26 billion of devices. These are connected to our everyday life. Having the world around us connected and accessible.


Right foundation for a successful IoT implementation
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