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Android Development

Macrosoft has a history of developing standalone Android applications for our clients. We have developed Android applications running from eCommerce, education, travel, messaging, logistics, on demand services, and augmented reality applications. Our application development approach is time effective and cost effective while achieving business goals and providing the best user experience. Other than developing Android applications from scratch, we also help our clients to upgrade their Android applications and integrate their application into third-party portals. Our Android developers use the latest technology, such as AI for object identification, personalization, and location detection. We use machine learning algorithms such as location-based suggestions, chatbots, user behavior patterns, and audio-video recognition.

iOS Development

Apple’s iOS platform has been one of the biggest and most influential mobile development platforms. Our iOS development team has considerable experience in delivering iOS applications that cater to different industries, such as eCommerce, education, travel, messaging, team management, and more. Our development team comes with years of experience developing business oriented, customer centric and market driven iOS applications. The iOS development team consists of UI/UX designers, developers, business analysts, and coders working together to make the applications ideas come to life. Our development approach does not compromise security, user experience, or scalability. Other than development, Macrosoft’s services extend from product delivery strategy to technical delivery.

Flutter Development

Hybrid mobile development platforms were usually divided into silos. Depending upon the requirement, specific development platforms were used by developers to achieve specific goals. For example, Ionic was used for image heavy applications such as Instagram, Most of the banking and financial applications were developed with Xamarin for its security and HTML5 was used for time sensitive projects. Flutter has completely changed how hybrid development platforms are viewed. Flutter is created and maintained by Google, which makes the platform easy to develop, test, and launch new applications. Flutter comes with prepackaged frameworks for different types of applications such as for e-commerce and taxi hailing applications. Developers can save time by only coding once and executing the program on two platforms.


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