What You Need To Know About Windows 10

A free operating system and that too the latest one from the tech giant Microsoft. Yes it will be free for a year from 29 June 2015 onwards for those who use authentic versions of Windows 7 or 8.1. 

Windows 10 is going to be a freebie available for download for a year. Migration to the new OS is quite easy for those who have their Windows update enabled.  Just click on “Get Windows 10 app” button that will appear in your system tray to reserve the download of the upgrade. The app will automatically check the compatibility of your system for the upgrade. You can also use the apps “Check my PC” option. Windows 7 or 8.1 OS you are using should have Windows 7 service pack 1 or Windows 8.1 update installed, should have a free hard disk space of 16 GB if your processor is 32 bit or 20 GB if it is 64 bit. For 32 bit processor minimum RAM capacity of 1 GB and processor speed of 1 GHz is required while 64 bit processor should have a RAM capacity of 2 GB minimum. 

Microsoft has designed 10 as a single ecosystem that can be used across varying environments be it your tablet, PC or smart phone. The OS has the capability to adapt and optimize its user interface. Android or iPhone apps can be made compatible on Windows platform. Its option for “multi factor authentication” highly improves its security features. Windows 10 will automatically compress all those ever increasing number of system files thus optimizing hard disk space.

For the ordinary user Windows 10 also offers a host of additional new features including the launch of Edge a new browser which will be available along with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Here we list down the top features associated with Windows 10 OS:

Return of the Start menu:

The start menu which was absent in Windows 8 makes a return in Windows 10. The new Start menu has the option to display tiles of live apps along with the traditional list of program short cuts.

Cortana the digital assistant:

The voice as well as command activated Cortana previously available in Windows phone 8.1 offers intelligent search of personal files which covers the system hard disk, cloud and the network.

Easy change-over of interfaces:

Continuum is another feature that allows easy switching between different interfaces whether it is a tablet, PC or hybrid.

Edge, the new browser offers the following new features:

Make a note directly over web pages with Edge: Web note is a new feature never before available in any browser. It allows you to draw, mark or write comments on a web page and then share it with your group of friends.

Hub a single point store in Edge:

If you are someone who prefers to save articles to be read at another convenient time, Edge has the option to save and maintain a reading list in the hub. Hub is another new feature of Edge, a one stop place where all your latest downloads, favorites, reading list and browsing history can be stored and later retrieved. 

A browser that helps you with your search:

Edge with its predictive capability can return suggestions based on your search history, favorites and results from the web. A user just have to enter the search term in the address bar of Microsoft’s new browser Edge instead of accessing a search engine.

Will Edge, eventually become a competitor to the search engine market? Will Windows 10 will be a success like its predecessor Windows 7?

Only time will tell. Microsoft does give the user the option to revert back to the existing version of OS that you are using.

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By Ed Sable | June 18th, 2015 | General

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