How AI, ML, and NLP contribute to the CCM Revolution

By Anju Maria

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a solution that helps enterprises to advance the way they communicate with their customers. Since the expectations of the customers are rising day by day, companies are in search of new strategies to scale up to their expectations and this paved the beginning of an intelligence driven content revolution.

The advancements driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are overcoming the limitations faced by the CCM industry. These technologies are becoming a business necessity for any enterprise, whether big or small, to stay ahead of their competitors.

AI in Communication

AI powered CCM platform can intelligently handle the complexity of structured, personalized, compliant omni-channel customer communications in a much more effective, efficient, and exceptional manner. AI capabilities like content optimization and assisted authoring helps enterprises deliver dynamic content in real-time. With AI, legacy communication templates are transformed and rationalized into modern centralized communication platform delivering multichannel outputs. AI enables interactive deployments that are intelligence driven providing for an enhanced customer experience and consistent communication.

Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire CCM Services

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Personalization with ML

Machine Learning is an effective way to achieve AI. ML-based tools help enterprises process customer data efficiently and thereby generate highly personalized offers that would appeal their customers. ML is a subset of AI, as a result it can leverage communication systems to use data to automate tasks. ML plays a decisive role in identifying which content is most appropriate to a customer based on the data available. It is truly a form of hyper-personalized communication that offers organizations to predict customer behaviour and associated actions to increase the overall experience value of a customer.

NLP utilities as addons

Natural Language Processing  is a branch of machine learning which allows a system to understand and generate a response in human recognizable language. It analysis and interprets the incoming information and transmits the desired output in a human recognizable format as often seen in intelligent chatbots and voice tech. Voice enabled devices have become an integral part of customer services like, one can find out when payment is due, access invoice details, and get real-time information. Integrating NLP functionality into a CCM solution makes the difference between a functional process and great customer experience.       

It is seen that, applying intelligence to content and optimization helps enterprises make the content better, interactive, and quicker. It helps to discover areas where content consolidation or improvement can be performed like spotting similarities / duplicates or inconsistencies / outliers in content. It also provides recommendation on the way to improve the content like, by making suggestions on style or by highlighting areas that are literally inconsistent or that have a negative sentiment associated.

In short, intelligence driven CCM solutions can facilitate organizations scale back the number of communication templates, provide better planning and coordination, increase operational efficiency, ensure seamless interaction via omni-channel and give a larger, deeper, and precise insight of the customer to produce better and more relevant content which would in turn result in increased customer retention and revenue.

Macrosoft considers integrating content intelligence with CCM as a strategic area to be explored and have been consistently researching in the areas of Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. We recently launched our award-winning Customer Engagement Analytics Services – CallMiner Eureka Platform. It leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to capture, transcribe and reveal insight from 100% of your customer interactions.

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Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire CCM Services

Download Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire CCM development and implementation services brochure. Macrosoft has collaborated with Quadient Inspire to become a Certified Delivery Partner

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By Anju Maria | November 12th, 2020 | Quadient Inspire

About the Author

Anju Maria

Anju Maria

Anju Maria works as a Software Engineer for Macrosoft Quadient Team. She has experience in design, development, composition, and handling areas involving data preprocessing of CCM. Previously, she has had a long stint as an Assistant Professor.

She holds certifications in Quadient Inspire Designer, Inspire Content Manager, Inspire Scaler, and a NASSCOM Silver certified Security Operation Center (SOC) analyst. She holds a Masters in Control and Instrumentation Engineering. She is a good trainer and is responsible for providing Quadient Certification training to various (onsite and offshore) teams in Macrosoft.

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