How the Right CCM Solution Benefits Your Business

By Subbu Raj, Naveen Bhatt

CCM (Customer Communications Management) Today

In this 21st century, CCM platforms are playing an ever-increasing role in solving customer communication problems and serving your business needs. Leading CCM tools are straightforward to use; providing a view for the technical analyst as well as a friendly graphical interface for the non-technical/business user.

Using CCM tools, organizations can improve customer satisfaction and manage all their interactive communications effectively. Implemented properly organizations connect with customers through digital channels, email, web, and social media to help clients and the business alike achieve their desired goals.

Today, customers expect to interact with their service providers in real-time. CCM systems assist businesses to support customers who want to take quick action and expect immediate resolution of their concerns via interactive communication. Industries including banks, utilities, insurance, and telecom are using cutting-edge CCM technology as they have come to realize it is an integral part of their operations.

Advantages of CCM

CCM offers benefits across various channels in business, whether it be streamlining the process of customer support or improving your brand’s consistent visibility. With CCM, companies are able to draw in new prospects and empower existing clients to easily get what they require.

Customer Communications Management supports companies in with many benefits.

  • CCM services improves customer’s interaction with digital content by way of printing documents, web pages, email, and live streaming to render desired information. The document output takes on different roles, such as print, SMS, text and chat.
  • Delivering large batches of personalized documents are a vital part of customer communication. Advanced CCM solutions provide for the distribution of large volumes of data through a company’s mailing list.  Communication can includes elements such as credit card statements, benefit statements, promotional offers, and new product launches.
  • The ability to provide multi-channel outputs with advanced integration capabilities is designed to improve the client base and brand strength of the company. The integration of CCM software with other platforms facilitates the ability for customers to select the platform they want to use when interacting with your company.
  • Nowadays, customers are expecting on-demand services. A boom in AI technology has brought about various intelligent services responding in real-time, catering to the requirements of customers around the clock and around the globe.

Find out the right CCM

To learn more on the benefits and to implement the right CCM for your business, download brochure today

Automation may not work in some unique situations. In such cases, live streaming or direct customer intervention may be required to solve the issue. Properly leveraging your CCM platform to support direct responses also plays an essential role in satisfying customer service needs.

CCM Solutions

The CCM solutions can be categorized into scheduled services structured processes and unscheduled on-demand/interactive processes.

Scheduled Services – Structured processes typically run in large volumes and batches that used business rules defined in process models. Here, the output is scheduled with a consistent format that is applicable for any of the outcomes.  Commonly used for billing, benefits, coverage, and renewals.On-Demand Services – Every instance of the process is based on the unique environment, which involves the content and requirement. It could be an interactive process in a real-time scenario, where the response time is short and is typical of a smaller defined customer base.

Integrated CCM solutions offer multiple communication from one input to multiple output forms. Banking and financial services may need to interact with customers through various modes of communication including digital forms, interactive documents, and integrated digital publications. Implementing a centralized and integrated CCM platform offers automated customer communication, which helps companies focus on cost reduction, growth, and a high return on investment.

CCM focuses on improving the processing document in real-time. It provides a seamless solution to reduce the cost of business without any service interruptions. Some organizations have incurred huge losses due to inefficiency and mismanagement because they did not use centralized CCM services. As a result, many organizations providing banking and financial services are focused on working on centralized communication models. With an efficient Customer Communication Management solution, global businesses can overcome challenges they face in CCM strategy, document composition, pre-processing, post-processing, production, and communication delivery.

Find out the right CCM

To learn more on the benefits and to implement the right CCM for your business, download brochure today

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By Subbu Raj, Naveen Bhatt | August 19th, 2020 | Quadient Inspire

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