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Having an aesthetically designed and brilliantly engineered website accounts for the prime reason behind the smashing success of many of the startup ventures. In older days, the businesses just need one web platform to give their address and few extra bits of details to promote their business. However, now things have changed drastically and digital marketing plays a pivotal role in almost all business transactions. A properly designed professional website could attract business and increase the revenue in large scales. So as to win the market, the presence of a good designed website becomes a sheer necessity. 

The prime objective of any website is to increase its traffic and convert the same into business to earn profit. Business world has already started to treat their websites as an investment. “A good website is inevitable for any scaled business” is a well-known truth. Considerable amount of money is being invested in the designing and developing a website. Driving relevant traffic towards the website is one of the most challenging part in business marketing. 

Try out the below listed tips to increase your website traffic.

  • Content comes first, include the most relevant content. Whether it is technical or non-technical, it needs to be orderly arranged and should be impressible in nature. 
  • Concentrate on Meta description tag- Winning the click is done by writing a perfect Meta description tag.  It is a time consuming task to write a Meta description tag.  A well written Meta tag can increase the traffic in websites.  
  • Include a flash player demonstration to buy or subscribe a service/product. 
  • Shoot a video related to the product or service you are providing and include it in the website 
  • Provide clear instructions or may be a demonstration has to be availed to the visitors for sign up and subscribe. 
  • Provide easily shareable buttons, so that the content that is facilitating the content sharing without copy past.  Giving the required buttons in place to share into Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or through Emails. 
  • Facilitate the use of analytic tools to get the site visitors interaction and plan accordingly to increase the traffic on websites. 
  • Encourage the visitors to subscribe the newsletters and sent it out regularly. New product launch or startup of a new service can be communicated through newsletters.  
  • Optimize the website contents to ensure that it is visible to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Leverage the apt keywords to increase hits on your website.  
  • Avail the services of an SEO expert so that the content in each page should be optimized for search engines. 
  • Promote your websites / services via search engines using services like Google AdWords. 
  • Post ads in the social media platforms about the website and provide appropriate links in other websites as well. 
  • Publishing white papers in the website regarding the related services or a products. This also comes under a marketing strategy. Make this white paper easily shareable as well. 
  • Appropriate rich snippets, structured data markup can be made in a way to make it readable to machines. Search engine can index these contents more effectively. 
  • Update on a regular basis by filling fresh contents in the website. 
  • Ensure regularly, whether the functionalities present in the website are working properly and check the URLs as well. 
  • Build a trust worthy and secure website as it deals with online payments. Online payment securities has to be considered, secure 128 bit connection and an SSL certificate has to be obtained. Customers are to be well aware of this fact that the site is completely secure to make payments.  
  • Social media is a powerful tool to boost your business, engage the targeted audiences with regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. 
  • Be a part of Facebook groups, linked in groups, Google + communities to construct close relationships between the users. These all helps to widen the network. 
  • Encourage the visitor to get an account through prompting windows feature and Send personalized emails to each of the registered users about the promotional offers.  
  • Interactive website architecture has to be implemented while building a website. Such as. Users would be accessing thru different gadgets varied shape and varied browsers (Tablets Pc’s Mobile phones, etc.), so ensure that these devices are getting supported in all means by the website pages. 
  • The websites address can be stamped on all business cards, newsletters, ads, letter heads, brochures, etc.  Try to use all means of advertisement to reach out to the targeted audience. 
  • Construct an email signature containing you website URL. This helps in building brand name. 
  • Facilitate online forums in your website and put forth constructive ideas. Let the users come in and share their ideas.

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By Ed Sable | August 24th, 2015 | Cloud

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