Internet of Things (IoT)

Macrosoft Industrial IoT solutions services

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things is the term used across several industries. These include manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas, transportation, energy/utilities, mining and metals, and aviation. IIoT covers multiple use cases, industries and applications. Focusing specifically on the optimization of operational efficiency, rationalization, automation, and maintenance of a business.

With Macrosoft’s Industrial IoT services users connect
assets throughout the industrial value chain. This provides a comprehensive operational decision making infrastructure. With Macrosoft’s Industrial IoT services you can seamlessly connect any manufacturing asset to any enterprise reporting system.

IoT Analytics Services.

Macrosoft’s IoT Analytics services enables you to leverage your existing IoT device data to create immersive, dynamic and personalized reports. The reports can be combined with existing contextual data, which will in turn minimize data sorting and consumption.

Macrosoft’s data analysts can take your data and build personalized analytical models, using best in class visualization and predictive modeling tools. With the help of data visualization techniques, our analytics team creates easily understandable infographics which can help you make sense of the mass of IoT data.

Macrosoft IoT Internet of Things
IoT Internet of Things
IoT systems integration services

IoT Systems Integration Services

Internet of Things Solutions are made up of four major components: IoT Devices, Connectivity & Connectivity Platforms, IoT/Data Management (Cloud or Premise) Platforms, and Applications. Integrating these 4 components into a seamless fully functional and evolving IoT solution requires substantial System Integration skills involving technologies, Standards, Protocols, Data Models, APIs, Cloud and Web applications.

Macrosoft’s IoT Integration Services can help you create a fully functional IoT solution from scratch, or augment existing IoT solutions adding functions and applications as well as new components and operational systems. Starting with a well understood and fully implemented end-to-end IoT solution, we can bring this implementation or pieces of it to your IoT solution upgrading and augmenting it to fully meet your needs.