IoT: Past And Present & Macrosoft Pitch

By Joe Rafanelli

Believe it or not, in 1999 the buzz phrase Internet of Things or IoT was created by Kevin Ashton, co-founder of MIT’s Auto-ID Center. While the acronym seems to have come around a little later (Wikipedia did not use IoT until 2009, but did have an entry for ‘Internet of Things’ in 2007), once introduced the term quickly entered widespread use.

Originally, Ashton’s IoT focus was based around radio frequency identification technology or RFID to connect devices. Ashton’s idea was comparable to but incredibly different from today’s IoT, which primarily relies on IP networking to let devices exchange information. RFID tagging functionality was far more limited.

Fast forward almost 20 years and IoT has become a reality on an enormous scale. IoT is no longer just about five to ten high-end Internet-connected appliances, like the LG Internet Digital DIOS refrigerator. Today, devices from TVs to thermostats to cars, connect to the Internet. IoT has helped companies improve their environments, efficiency of networks and better their understanding of the world. According to experts, by 2020 IoT will consist of around 26 billion of devices connected as our everyday life is changed by having the world around us connected and accessible from Internet applications, business systems and connected applications.

From a security perspective, connecting systems and devices to IoT means that security personnel can call up live-feed video and identify potential suspects, license plates or on-going threats. The IoT is essentially connection city’s whole infrastructures via the web, and enabling them to get smarter.

Internet of Things: Challenges in implementing IoT today:


In a recent webinar entitled, ‘Make Public Safety Collaborative with IoT’ Microsoft’s IoT division demonstrated how Azure has helped police departments connect city infrastructures, to make cities safer and smarter. Microsoft and partner Genetec demonstrated how they are partnering with organizations and businesses in communities to innovate collaborative, interconnected solutions. These solutions are giving police and other first responders instant access to essential, cross-agency information, hurrying the time it takes to resolve and deter crime.

This collaborative IoT development can be best exemplified by the security solution Project Green Light, in Detroit. Genetec has essentially leveraged multiple internet-connected cameras within 300+ gas stations across the city. Part of the rational was that 25% of violent crimes were happening within 500 feet of gas stations. By broadcasting real-time data to police headquarters, high-resolution cameras have enabled law enforcement to proactively monitor, respond and ultimately deter suspicious behavior and crimes. Thanks to these cameras, police are now able to zoom in on faces, license plates, and car models enabling them to improve response times and strategies. Additionally, the cameras have helped to accelerate violent crime resolutions and act as a deterrent to potential criminals.

Here, at Marcosoft, we have a wide array of solutions which focus on helping clients take advantage of IoT and derive new business opportunities from it. Moreover, we understand where clients can benefit the most from IoT and leverage their existing hardware, software, and skill investments.  Our consultants bring comprehensive experience and best practices needed for tackling virtually any challenges. It is our job to help our clients understand how to effectively leverage the right information, which performance parameters matters the most, and what tools and techniques transform data sources into strategic business decisions.

We understand our clients expectations and deliver solutions after analyzing the new product possibilities and customer user experiences. We have unique expertise through industry with vastly experienced IoT solutions experts.

Contact us to learn how we help our clients to design, develop and deploy IoT devices, IoT applications and IoT analytics that will improve our customers business and allow them to offer better products and services.


Internet of Things: Challenges in implementing IoT today:


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By Joe Rafanelli | June 1st, 2018 | Enterprise Services

About the Author

Joe Rafanelli Manager, Technical Solutions for Macrosoft

Joe Rafanelli

Joe Rafanelli is the Director of Migration Services at Macrosoft. In this capacity, Joe acts as the single point of contact for Macrosoft’s migration solutions. Additionally, he collaborates with internal technology analysts to understand requirements, work scope, and maintain relationships with clientsb to ensure satisfaction.

Prior to joining Macrosoft in May 2017, Joe had over 25 years of experience in the Banking Industry. Equally, Joe focused on Account Management, Project Management, Implementation Management, and Product Development. Moreover, Joe is excellent at improving the client experience by driving change management projects to completion. Previously, Joe held the following positions in the following institutions: JPMorgan, Citigroup and Brown Brother Harriman.

Joe has B.S. Finance, MBA Investment Finance, Project Management certificate & Database Management certificate

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