IoT – Questions, Questions & Questions

By Mats Samuelsson

For the average product or R&D manager getting the directive to move into IoT (Internet of Things) the challenge can be daunting.  What is IoT, what does it mean to my products , how much does it cost, how does my company make money on it, how do I implement it, which technology do I use, how long does it take, does my company have the expertise, how do I launch it ??????? The list of unanswered questions can be long and having or getting the answers can be difficult. With all the hype out there, who do I listen to, who can I trust, where do I start and how can I get help? 

The answers do not come from some ‘Delphi-like’ oracle but from people who have the experience and expertise in designing and implementing all the components of a complete end-to-end IoT solution. This includes device  – connectivity – application server – data management – applications and analytics.  It is also important to understand that IoT solutions differ widely and can be implemented in a myriad of different ways – there are different ways to skin a cat. However, using a simple solution methodology, it is not difficult to walk through each of the piece-parts of an IoT solution and provide answers to all the questions raised above.  Prototyping using reference architectures and proven technology stack components is the best way to test out an IoT solution and all the product, service and application attributes associated with it. Better still is to start with a proven reference stack and use this to create a specific IoT solution.

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By Mats Samuelsson | September 14th, 2015 | Enterprise Services

About the Author

Mats Sammuelsson Director, IoT Solutions for Macrosoft

Mats Samuelsson

Mats Samuelsson is a 30-year tech professional with experience in IoT (Internet of Things), telecommunications and entrepreneurial development. As the Director of IoT Services at Macrosoft, Mats has dedicated himself to developing an end-to-end IoT stack. Moreover, Mats has refocused Macrosoft’s IoT practice into an Industrial IoT– specifically focusing on B2B solutions and implementations. His attention to detail and experience have enabled Mats to provide incredible and intelligent service to his clients.

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