Today’s IT Staffing: It’s not Just the Skill Set, it’s Also the Team Structure

By John Kullmann

In our new virtual working world, technology teams across all industries and geographies have an ongoing need to supplement their teams with IT contractors. Experience has shown that leaders dive into resumes to try and find the best qualified candidates. This is extremely important but to make that candidate successful, you need to have the right team structure in place. Macrosoft has a history of working with companies in a variety of formats. The format best suited for you is dependent upon your company’s individual situation and requirements.

On-site Contractors

Although expensive, but this mode of engagement has great benefits to organizations. On-site availability of contractors allows project teams to sit in adjoining desks and seamlessly collaborate. If you’re in an area with a rich talent pool and you have the budget, this can work well. On-site contractors are typically used in a temp-to-perm scenario, where after demonstrated success the candidate is converted to a full-time internal employee.

US Remote Resources

Working remotely has become the norm. Remote US based resources serve as extensions to your team and can work out of a centralized facility or from their home office. They can travel for on-site training at joining or for important deliverables. This is a great way to get the resources you need while providing them the quality of work life they desire. Allowing people to work from home provides you top tier or specialized technology talent that can’t be found local to your office.

US Hybrid Resources

Hybrid mode refers to a way of working that combines elements of both remote work and on-site work. In a hybrid work model, employees may spend some of their time working from a remote location, such as their home, and some of their time working in an office or other on-site location. 

There are many potential benefits to working in hybrid mode, including increased flexibility, reduced commute times, and the ability to take advantage of the resources and support of an office while still enjoying the benefits of working remotely. Most folks who can’t go to office every day are willing to continue using the hybrid approach. 

Macrosoft Virtual Staffing

For over twenty-five years, Macrosoft has supported Fortune 100 companies with their technical staffing needs across a multitude of technologies and job descriptions.

Blended Managed Teams

Blended managed teams engage a US team lead to coordinate work efforts and overseeing an international development team. At Macrosoft we have found this to be the most successful and cost-effective solution for a growing number of clients. It enables you to have a liaison who understands requirements, technology, and project schedule.  The team lead knows how to manage an international development testing network and support team. Agile coordination with daily standup meetings ensures long-term success and on-target delivery. This flexible solution provides you the ability to quickly scale up or scale down your resource needs.  Using the Agile methodology where requirements and solutions evolve through a collaborative effort while maintaining Sprint tracking ensures your project stays on schedule.

Virtual Teams

Virtual team is comprised of an entirely international team supporting your operations. This work very well if you have the internal resource team structure to allow you to package and communicate the work tasks to the international team. Critical to success is having a strong team lead managing and interacting with the virtual team members on a daily basis. We have found that Agile project management processes work best with a completely international team.

Determining the right solution for you before engaging the resources ensures you’ll have success as you set up your project team. Information about Macrosoft’s staffing solutions can be found on our website or contacting us directly.

Macrosoft Virtual Staffing

For over twenty-five years, Macrosoft has supported Fortune 100 companies with their technical staffing needs across a multitude of technologies and job descriptions.

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By John Kullmann | January 6th, 2023 | Staffing Services

About the Author

John Kullmann Chief Operating Officer Macrosoft

John Kullmann

John is the Chief Operating Officer for Macrosoft. In that capacity, he works with new and existing clients to clearly understand their requirements and translate them for the software development teams. John has extensive experience in Six Sigma, Lean Engineering and managing international operations. His background has allowed him to be responsible for ensuring ongoing client satisfaction. John consistently provides excellent customer service, ensuring the highest quality.

John collaborates with all members of the leadership and operation teams, during the creation of new services. Similarly, he is Macrosoft’s corporate face, ensuring our messaging and content represent the high-tech, high-quality of Macrosoft.

John is a frequent speaker at industry events and is the Chairman of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Tech Talk Forum.

Though John always takes his work very seriously, he does not take himself so serious. Outside of work, John sits on the Board of Directors for Family Nature Summits. Additionally, he plays tennis and enjoys every outdoor activity.

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