The reality of today is that your legacy environment must now converge with your future environment. Today’s organizations need to retain the value of their legacy applications and reuse the intellectual property stowed away in systems.  

Why Modernize?

The reasons to modernize are numerous; however the main drivers for most organizations are reductions in costs of ownership (TCO), concerns over dwindling resources, and the basic inflexibility of the legacy applications. The major dilemma facing companies today is how to meet the demands of growing business, while supporting or modernizing the legacy environment, speeding up applications delivery and reducing costs. 

If your business is reliant upon legacy platforms, there will soon be a day when your organization no longer has the skilled personnel to support your business critical legacy systems. 

How to Modernize? 

Macrosoft Inc offers cost-effective, risk free practices to transform your legacy applications to latest technologies and architectures. With application migration to new platform, we retain business rules and logic of your legacy applications and develop on latest technology catering to future business demands. Macrosoft has proven experience in delivering migration services with experienced cluster of resources specialized in legacy and new technologies and will work alongside you to provide a comprehensive solution

  • Legacy Assessments – Your journey starts with the most important facet of the modernization effort. We focus on the business, financial, functional and technical aspects of your applications by providing the level of assessment effort required suiting your objectives from a standard base perspective to comprehensive evaluations and application rationalization.
  • Legacy Modernization Services – We perform the transformations and work in conjunction with your IT department in the capacity required; as an extension of your team or a separately managed initiative.
  • Application Support Services – We have the talent and resources to provide managed services in an IT sourcing arrangement while your modernization effort is in progress. Whether your decision is to perform the transformation internally or engage our teams for the migration endeavor.

Legacy application modernization strategies have changed significantly over time. Organizations wrestled with plans and approaches have struggled with efforts many times, even scrapping projects altogether only to start the process all over again with our methodology and processes, we tap into your applications to:

  •  Extract and reuse the business embedded in your legacy code
  •  Document your application portfolio, processes, and business rules
  •  Create plans for rewriting your legacy applications to new technologies
  •  Develop a roadmap to modernize your applications

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