How Macrosoft consistently delivers high-quality Quadient projects?

By John Kullmann

Macrosoft is a company that specializes in delivering high-quality Quadient projects across multiple industries. The key to their success lies in their people. Macrosoft has organized itself into six distinct lines of business to best serve its clients, and one of those lines of business is CCM, which stands for Customer Communication Management. Within the CCM practice, Macrosoft works specifically with a tool called Quadient Inspire, which is the most powerful and highest-ranked platform in the CCM market today.

Macrosoft has over 145 fully certified developers working today, supporting multiple clients around the globe. Around 85 or more of these developers are based in India, with another 60 in the US, working directly on-site or remotely with client projects. But Macrosoft’s commitment to its people doesn’t stop there. When a new candidate joins their Quadient practice, they go through a rigorous 17-week, full-time, dedicated training program.

Macrosoft’s Quadient Services Brochure

Download Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire capability brochure to learn more how we can help you achieve your CCM goals

The training program consists of several elements. Every day, candidates start the day meeting with an instructor who gives them daily classroom training on the particular topic. They are then assigned either homework or online video training that they need to do throughout the day in order to cover that particular topic. After about three weeks of this particular training, they’ll get a certification, which is an examination of an actual project that gets sent to Quadient for their scoring to be certified in the particular module of Quadient.

But having book knowledge isn’t enough. Once candidates complete their certification, Macrosoft sanitizes client projects and has new candidates go through and do a real-life project as it was experienced by the client. This provides them with practical knowledge and helps them learn and grow their skills in a real-world setting.

Upon completion of training, candidates have great technical acumen, both in terms of book knowledge and practical experience. But Macrosoft doesn’t just assign them onto a client project right away. Instead, they shadow them and move them across multiple projects, so they get a wide variety of different experiences with their mentors, understanding how the projects work, possibly doing testing, supporting elements of the project to provide further enhancements to their clients.

Macrosoft’s training is the best in the industry, but it’s not just the training that makes them successful. They are extremely fortunate that 80% of the new candidates entering their Quadient practice are a direct employee referral from an existing employee. This demonstrates that Macrosoft’s employees are happy with their jobs and are referring their friends and family members to join the company.

The right candidate for Macrosoft’s Quadient practice is someone who not only has the technical acumen and background but also has the right personality and fits into the culture of Macrosoft. For instance, Macrosoft is looking for someone with an artistic element to them, someone who has a visual element, as there’s a lot of design work and visual work associated with the creation of templates and documents.

Macrosoft has a team that can support clients’ needs, whether it’s new development of documents and communications, migration from a legacy platform to a modern quantity platform, or support of an existing Quadient project. Whatever the need is, Macrosoft has a team that can support it. If you need support, reach out to Macrosoft and meet the people that make it happen. They look forward to working together.

Macrosoft’s Quadient Services Brochure

Download Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire capability brochure to learn more how we can help you achieve your CCM goals

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By John Kullmann | February 24th, 2023 | Quadient Inspire

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John Kullmann Chief Operating Officer Macrosoft

John Kullmann

John is the Chief Operating Officer for Macrosoft. In that capacity, he works with new and existing clients to clearly understand their requirements and translate them for the software development teams. John has extensive experience in Six Sigma, Lean Engineering and managing international operations. His background has allowed him to be responsible for ensuring ongoing client satisfaction. John consistently provides excellent customer service, ensuring the highest quality.

John collaborates with all members of the leadership and operation teams, during the creation of new services. Similarly, he is Macrosoft’s corporate face, ensuring our messaging and content represent the high-tech, high-quality of Macrosoft.

John is a frequent speaker at industry events and is the Chairman of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Tech Talk Forum.

Though John always takes his work very seriously, he does not take himself so serious. Outside of work, John sits on the Board of Directors for Family Nature Summits. Additionally, he plays tennis and enjoys every outdoor activity.

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