Marketing analytics represents the science, processes and technologies of data analytics applied to marketing. The concept of data analytics is not new, and in recent years with addition of new technologies almost every day, and bringing those technologies in use of marketing services, the amount of data and data environments has grown rapidly. Marketing analytics focuses on gathering these data from all different marketing channels (including web, social media, mobile, digital as well as more classic e-mail, mail, call center records) and consolidating them in a common marketing view. This enables to generate analytical results to assist decision-making, optimization and efficiency in reaching the right audience, and directly contributes to your marketing success.

With marketing analytics you can answer questions like:

  • What is the performance of our marketing initiatives? What can we do to improve them?
  • What is our position in the market? What can we do differently to catchup and beat our competitors?
  • What is our return on investments today? What optimizations and improvements we can make to increase that?

 Digtal Analytics

We provide digital analytics solutions, including website, mobile app and social media tracking, digital tracking software administration and reporting and other digital analytics tool integration such as A/B & multi-variate testing, online surveys, campaign tracking, merchandising. We also use statistical techniques to monitor online-offline data correlation patterns.

Data generated from online marketing channels, clickstream data coming from websites, the sheer amount of information accumulated on social media platforms, the ever increasing spectrum of portable devices, all contribute to this area of analytics.

Our team has highly trained, certified, technology savvy team members, specializing in digital analytics best practices. We can help organizations in the design and implementation of an end-to-end digital optimization strategy.

  • Site audit, site goals and KPI definitions
  • Site tag planning, development and implementation
  • Web Analytics system administration
  • Rich Media Applications Tracking
  • Tag Management Solution system implementation, tag QA
  • Clickstream data segmentation, filters
  • Report/Dashboard setup, distribution and analysis

Multi-Channel Dashboard Services

  • Dashboards are prepared according to the needs of different stakeholder groups in your organization, with a mix of standard KPI performance reports and reports customized based on specific data set and KPIs in hand.
  • Communicating the multi-channel campaign performance in a concise, efficient and informative manner is as important as the analysis itself. We use online, interactive dashboards with high quality graphics capabilities and Excel & Powerpoint decks to summarize the KPI trends, highlight the key takeaways while also providing report filter capabilities based on dimensions available in the data set, as well as ability to drill down to the most granular levels of the data hierarchy.

 List Management

Both acquisition and retention mailing lists can be further customized based on demographic, behavioral and psychographic attributes. We take your client and prospect database to the next level by combining it with a wealth of consumer data from our partner Experian.
Experian can add the following insights to your data:
  • Lifestyle segmentation
  • Demographics
  • Purchasing habits
  • Brand preferences
  • Life-Event Triggers
You can enrich your database with Experian Marketing to:
  • Create better targeted marketing programs
  • Identify the characteristics of your best customers and focus sales efforts on similar prospects
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to your current clients
We also provide Experian custom segmentation reports that shows where you stand against your industry. These reports optimize the value of linking customer management, marketing and acquisition tactics to market planning, site analysis and media strategies. This unique connection between households and geography enables marketers to effortlessly utilize targeted segments across all stages of analysis, planning and execution.
By enriching customer’ data with Experian data and applying a series of analytical data techniques, our clients are able to establish a more holistic view of their customers and gain a better understanding of their propensities. With this information, clients can begin to formulate improved marketing contact strategies, customer retention programs and product cross and up-sell opportunities.

Multi-channel Media Optimization

Our first and foremost objective is to provide our client with a holistic, at-a-glance view of their multi-channel marketing investment, accompanied by insights fitted for practical, actionable recommendations for further optimization.
We use a wide range of analytical procedures such as data cleansing, matching, transformation, data sampling, descriptive and predictive models and present our findings in intuitive online dashboards and managed Excel decks, so that our  customers will be able to easily answer questions like:
Which channels and product offers work better for customer acquisition? What is the optimum frequency of communication in Direct Mail and E-Mail channels for improving retention rates? Which channels and tactics are more effective for cross-sell and up-sell? How should SEM budget be divided between short head and long tail keywords? Which demographic attributes are more relevant in deciding the channel mix?

Design Of Experiments

All your marketing channels can and should take advantage of the art and science of testing. We can help your organization in planning and designing a marketing experiment by formulating an optimum testing matrix. We measure and assess the test outcome to roll out the combinations providing higher lifts, so that no marketing experimentation is left to unfounded hypothesis or subjective judgments. We help our clients establish a culture where site re-designs, price and promotion tests are supported by business intelligence derived from these experiments, not guess work.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile space presents a unique opportunity for companies to create interactive experiences with their target market. Knowing how prospects interact with your mobile channel from their mobile devices is vital to the success of a mobile strategy.
We help you track, analyze and optimize your mobile presence:
  • Measure business performance 
  • Understand differences in user behavior between desktop and mobile platforms
  • Optimize mobile ad performance for your brand

Social Analytics

We can help you optimize your investment in social media based on measurable outcomes and make it part part of your multichannel marketing efforts. From implementing tracking tags on your social media pages & assets to defining social media key performance indicators specific to your business and analyzing social media interactions vis-a-vis your other channels and compare social media ROI to other channels within your multi-channel marketing, We can effectively tie your business objectives to the social media strategy, measure and analyze them to help you realize a profitable return on your social media investment.
  • Impact of conversations in social media on site conversions, key business metrics
  • Social Term Tracking
  • Sentiment Scores
  • Social Media Channel Comparison

Who We Are

Demirhan Yenigun, Ph.D.

Demirhan Yenigun has 30 years of leadership, strategic thinking and accomplishments in implementing analytical solutions for Fortune 500 companies helping them to enhance their marketing and sales efforts. Read More 

     Alper Ozocak, Vice President – Client Services & Operations

Working as Vice President of Client Services and Operations at Metrica Group, a strategic partner of Macrosoft Inc, Alper has 25+ years of work experience concentrated around delivering data warehousing and analytics projects. Read More

Burak Tansug, Vice President -Analytical Services

Working in the role of Vice President of Analytical Services at Metrica Group, a strategic partner to Macrosoft Inc, Burak Tansug brings with him over 15 years of IT Project Management experience in different disciplines. Read More

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