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Visual FoxPro Support Services

At some point, your business might be ready to replace your FoxPro application with a new platform, but that time is not today. Priorities of your business dictate other more pressing needs. At the same time, your critical FoxPro systems need to continue to run and adapt to support your business. Not only is Macrosoft the leader when it comes to Visual FoxPro migration requirements, we also support continuation of existing FoxPro systems with our dedicated FoxPro team.

VFP was an incredibly powerful development platform for many years. Unfortunately, in 2007, Microsoft elected to retire this system and not expose the underlying code to the open-source world. Macrosoft has a long history of developing excellent programs within the FoxPro platform. Today, our focus has changed to becoming the world leader migrating FoxPro applications. But not everybody is ready to make the change, which is why we offer our FoxPro support and enhancement services.

Client Engagement Process

  • Understand the underlying business function the application preforms.
  • Understand how users interact with the system.
  • Understand administrative functions within the application.
  • Analyze the legacy code to understand structure and development methodology.
  • Review lists of known bugs and create a project plan to fix and test.
  • Review lists of desired enhancements and create project plans to implement test and deploy.

Delivery Methodology

  • Full time US based developers to support and enhance existing FoxPro applications.
  • Dedicated international developers supporting an existing FoxPro system.
  • On demand international developers to address needs as they arise
  • Project based engagements to complete specific functionality within the application.

Cloud Virtualization of Your FoxPro Application  

If the primary challenge you face with your FoxPro application desktop-based application is finding a way to move it to the cloud, Macrosoft has a virtualization support service. This is not about migration, conversion, or bringing in a 3rd party tool to replace it. Rather, we suggest virtualizing it and giving you a perfectly fine-tuned VFP application that offer vadditional years of very productive life within a much more modern setting and UI. This may be your best option to extend the life of your VFP system.


Visual FoxPro (VFP) Support Services
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