2022 VB6 AND Classic ASP Industry Trends Survey Results from 513 Participants

Macrosoft is a leader in providing professional services for Visual Basic 6 to .NET and Classic ASP to ASP.NET migration. Both Visual Basic and Classic ASP were powerful software development languages provided by Microsoft.  Microsoft ended support for VB in 2008 and ASP in 2020.

As a result of this expertise, Macrosoft conducted our first annual industry best practices survey during the first April 2022. A total of 513 individuals from more than 442 identified companies participated in the survey. There was a total of 19 questions.

Based on the broad participation, and low drop our rate, it is believed that the results are highly accurate and represent a significant portion of the industry.

Select Survey Findings

Survey results show an industry in flux, with sharp opinion differences concerning the role of VB6 and Classic ASP applications in the present technology world.

  1. Being able to work in the cloud is most important to many businesses as they modernize their applications.
  1. As current members move on to other languages or retire, fewer developers will remain available to support maintain and enhance existing VB/ASP applications.
  1. The top two driving factors we found for companies to begin migration is to ensure long term viability of the company and the major enhancements needed.

The complete report download, and an interactive reporting portal can be found at https://www.migrateto.net/vb-asp-survey-2022/

Macrosoft is available to provide an industry expert who can present these results as requested to industry user groups.


Direct Questions about this survey and request for speaking engagements to

John Kullmann

COO, Macrosoft, Inc.


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