Document Strategy Forum features Macrosoft CCM 2022 Survey

It is our intense pleasure to announce that Macrosoft CCM 2022 Survey Report has been published in Document Strategy Forum Magazine. Macrosoft, has been a market leader over two decades in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) implementation industry working with different vendors creating a cutting-edge customer experience in the CCM space. We are the largest implementation and delivery partner for Quadient Inspire, one of the major players in the market. Macrosoft performs an annual CCM survey and makes the findings available to the industry as part of its corporate CX strategy.

In March of 2022, Macrosoft conducted its second annual CCM industry best practices survey. A total of 253 individuals from more than 88 identified companies participated in the survey of which 99% stated that they have a CCM solution, based on the response across multiple companies and industries we are intended to guide your future communication strategy and make sure you’re keeping up with other professionals in the field.

Survey Findings:

  • We see more companies are transitioning from having separate CCM platforms to a single cross-channel, integrated CCM platform.
  • Organizations are trying to avoid ‘one size fits all’ batch approach to communicate with their customers. Trends are to communicate on the channel desired by a customer, at the time and in the format desired by the customer.
  • More and more companies are now doing all CCM work internally except for the actual printing services.
  • It’s good practice for organizations to carefully analyze ROI when integrating CCM, not just ROI as a company but across all departments to make sure optimal usage of the CCM platform.

Read the article in Document Strategy Forum Magazine to get more insights about the recent trends in the CCM industry.

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