The key to success is 1:1 personalized digital communications

By John Kullmann

Is your company’s communication program prepared for the new normal?

We are all living in a time of global crisis. COVID-19 has radically affected our daily lives. Besides the obvious and terrible human cost of the virus and its devastating impact on public health, we could be heading for a global economic crisis.  It’s a new territory for all of us.

Macrosoft has a more optimistic point of view in these uncertain times. We cannot predict the future. But we can control how we respond to the emerging new situation as it unfolds.  It has been said that adversity can be the element that defines our character.  Crisis can be a time to look deep inside and begin a positive transformation. Every company who wants to thrive needs to be asking

What do we need to be doing now, so in three years, we can say this current crisis was the best thing that could have happened to our company?

At Macrosoft we believe the key to success is digital communications.

We are in a new virtual working world.  Your company needs to consider revising how you manage communications to ensure you are always having a one-to-one conversation.

Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire Services

Download Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire development and implementation services brochure. Macrosoft has collaborated with Quadient Inspire to become a Certified Delivery Partner.

Establishing a lasting relationship with clients, requires they feel valued. Targeted communication with personalization is now expected.  Companies must get in touch with clients as an individual, avoid treating every contact the same

Not all people are the same and if your company still believes you can treat them the same you are likely to alienate your customers. Email remains the least expensive way to quickly reach large numbers of contacts. Email may work for many customers, but not for everyone. Some may prefer to receive updates by email, while others might prefer text. If you are not matching your communication to customers’ preferences, they will soon be frustrated.  Likewise, sending the same messages and content to each client is not effective. This can cause clients to feel undervalued and decrease response rates.

Macrosoft works with the Quadient Inspire CCM communication suite making personalization simple using automation.

Nowadays, employees work from home and resources are exhausted. Personalization increases complexity and can lead to errors. The solution is technology. Quadient’s user-friendly software can automate the creation and distribution of documents. This ensures that accurate, professional-looking items are always sent to the correct recipient and channel. Sending targeted and personalized messages to customers at the right time and via the right channel is the key to increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Those who are successful can build long-term relationships that have a direct impact on their sales and thereby the growth of the business.

Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire Services

Download Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire development and implementation services brochure. Macrosoft has collaborated with Quadient Inspire to become a Certified Delivery Partner.

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By John Kullmann | May 13th, 2020 | Quadient Inspire

About the Author

John Kullmann Director, Special Projects, Macrosoft

John Kullmann

John is the Director for Special Projects at Macrosoft. In that capacity, he works with new and existing clients to clearly understand their requirements and translate them for the software development teams. John has extensive experience in Six Sigma, Lean Engineering and managing international operations. His background has allowed him to be responsible for ensuring ongoing client satisfaction. John consistently provides excellent customer service, ensuring the highest quality.

John is a frequent speaker at industry events and is the Chairman of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Tech Talk Forum.

Though John always takes his work very seriously, he does not take himself so serious. Outside of work, John sits on the Board of Directors for Family Nature Summits. Additionally, he plays tennis and enjoys every outdoor activity.

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