Dr. Ronald Mueller

Chief Executive Officer

Ron is CEO and Founder of Macrosoft, Inc.. Ron heads up all company strategic activities, and directs day-to-day work of the Leadership Team at Macrosoft.  Ron is also Macrosoft’s Chief Scientist, defining and structuring Macrosoft’s path forward on new technologies and products, such as Cloud; Big Data; and AI. Ron has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from New York University, and worked in physics for over a decade at Yale University, The Fusion Energy Institute  in Princeton, NJ, and at Argonne National Laboratory. Ron also worked at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ., where he managed a group on Big Data, including very early work on neural networks. Ron has a career-long passion in ultra-large-scale data processing and analysis including: predictive analytics; data mining, machine learning and neural networks.

Dr. Edward G. Sable


Dr. Ed Sable is President of Macrosoft, leading client relations and day to day operations. Prior to joining Macrosoft in 2005, Ed owned and led a business development consulting firm where he generated significant amounts of revenue for small technology companies. Read more

G.N. Shah

Chief Technology Officer

Shah has more than15 years of performance-based progression to IT executive management in large scale and enterprise business environments. Read more

Basit Qari

VP - Enterprise Data And Digital Solutions

Basit has a long tenure of technology leadership for the company, where he has successfully delivered innovative and practical business solutions for a large number of SMB and Fortune 500 clients. Read more

John Kullmann

Vice President Technology Solutions

John has over 25 years of experience serving as the executive business contact responsible for client satisfaction for wide variety of companies. Read more