Process Mining

Process Mining

Process Automation is Required for Organizations to Remain Competitive

Businesses are full of complex processes that become bottlenecks that lead to lost time and revenue. Macrosoft supports our clients to automate these processes using Microsoft Power Automate.  We work with clients in four primary areas.

  1. Business Automation
  • Creating automated systems to guide people step by step through a process.  So once someone completes a task, they are guided immediately to what they need to do next. 
  • An example of this is helping your sales team logically move prospective clients through your sales funnel
  1. Desktop Automation
  • Creating a computer bot replicating the actions and interactions that a user has with their computer screen.  The bot learns and repeats what are they entering, where are they touching and what are they doing with their mouse.
  • An example is invoice processing. Once an invoice is received the bot replicates the approved process of how it is entered into your financial and accounting systems.
  1. Triggered Automation
  • Documenting when a known activity happens, a series of logical steps occur within your business systems. 
  • An example is when a file is uploaded to a particular folder, an alert and request for actions notifications are sent to key people within your organization.
  1. Instant Automation
  • Allowing a user to launch an automation process by hitting a start or complete button within your systems.
  • An example is when a salesperson completes a proposal, they hit submit and a series of approval requests go to the key people within your organization.

Start your Power Automate Project Today

The improvements in efficiency and control can be spread to every facet of your organization. Implemented properly Power Automate results in increased productivity and compliance while creating a better customer experience and market performance.  This automation removes the risk of human error as all processes are thoroughly tested before rollout.  Your Power Automate Bot can manage multiple processes simultaneously and be available when cumbersome tasks are delegated to an automated solution. This leads to higher productivity and lower risk of errors.

Macrosoft improves your employee’s experience by allowing staff to focus on engaging tasks revenue-generating activities by automating the mundane routine transactional tasks that clutter their workday.

Contact Macrosoft and together we will craft the Power Automate solution that is right for your business with minimal disruption to your current operations.


Is Your Business In Need of Process Mining?
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