Web Scraping

Many individuals think that they search the web every day when they put a query into Google. The reality is, they are not searching the web, but rather being directed to pages that Googles indexes and believes responds to their keywords.

Macrosoft takes a much deeper approach to researching the web. We have built spider bots and web crawlers that systematically look at every page in targeted sections of the web and identify required information based on define business rules. Therefore, rather than being limited to Google’s indexing of the world, Macrosoft has the ability to uncover vast amounts of specialized data and intelligence across the World Wide Web.

This process returns vast amounts of data that may be refreshed hourly, daily, or weekly. We provide systematic organization and a logical presentation of the collected information, which is critical to our web scraping capability. Macrosoft has tools and techniques that allow us to organize the information and summarize it into usable bites, which allows organizations to make informed decisions based on public information, even when that information may be buried deep within a website.

This service is extremely important to any business trying to find out what is really happening amongst their clients and potential user community. Web scraping searches go across web pages, blogs, news, outlets, research thinktanks and more.

If you need to understand what is happening in the world of your business, Macrosoft web scraping bots and web crawlers locate the information you require and load it into a centralized database to optimize your operations.


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