Macrosoft Invests to Create a Dedicated New Jersey Quadient Development Center

By Allen Shapiro

Macrosoft a broad-based technology firm headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey has a strategic partner relationship with Quadient. This relationship has allowed us to build a team of over 40 Certified professionals working with clients in the Quadient platform.

Today’s customers demand personalized, relevant communications that are available in real-time and accessible through the channel of their choice.  Quadient Inspire enables clients to design, manage, and deliver high-volume and on-demand personalized communications, from one centralized platform – across the entire customer journey.

Throughout the US, Macrosoft has Quadient developers both working on site and remotely for a variety of clients.   Internationally Macrosoft has built Certified development teams in our India office to do large-scale migration efforts and bulk authoring initiatives. Though these groups collaborate every day the international centralized model has not been deployed in the US until now.

Over the past year Macrosoft has seen the Quadient platform grow with greater use by regulated industries impacted by HIPPA, PMI and other personal data regulations.  Regulated companies have wanted to work with our international development teams but have been prevented from doing so due to the restrictive data regulations of their industry.  

To meet this demand Macrosoft has established a dedicated Quadient development center within our Parsippany New Jersey office. This dedicated center provides a series of great benefits to our clients.

  • Side by side collaboration on client projects.
  • Robust controlled hardware software and network connections to manage operations.
  • Best practice sharing with continuous learning expanding of skill development while increasing knowledge.
  • Check and balances for process and development controls.

This center is best suited for clients needing a faster, less expensive, more efficient way to increase development output and streamline and operations with the US.

Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire Services

Download Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire development and implementation services brochure. Macrosoft has collaborated with Quadient Inspire to become a Certified Delivery Partner.

Dr. Ronald Mueller CEO and founder of Macrosoft said “This center is a game changer as we are now able to provide robust Quadient services to regulated industries in a secure local controlled environment.

Macrosoft expects to see dramatic uptake and growth as were creating this unique center of excellence.If you’re working on the Quadient platform and looking for quality resources in a controlled US environment at a preferred fee structure contact Macrosoft to learn if this center can be the answer to your issues.

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By Allen Shapiro | January 28th, 2020 | Quadient Inspire

About the Author

Allen Shapiro, Director – CCM Practice

Allen Shapiro

Allen brings more than 25 years of diverse experience in Marketing and Vendor Management to Macrosoft Inc. As the Managing Director of our Customer Communications Management (CCM) practice, Allen leads the Onshore and Off-shore CCM development teams. Additionally, Allen oversees pre-sales activities and is responsible for managing the relationship with our CCM software provider Quadient.

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